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The Hog Rider is indeed one of the most popular cards in Clash Royale. Starting from Arena 4, you can utilize its power properly without the help of the Freeze Spell. This featured deck will let you know how to effectively use this specific card with the support of the Minion Horde.


Deck Strength:

This deck is rich in splash damage in both air and ground giving a lot of space for the Hog Rider to move around freely. By utilizing two spell cards, support will always be present in any situation, allowing you to quickly switch from defense to offense.

Hidden Hog Rider Deck - Arena 4 & Above:


Card Roles:

Minion Horde. These flying units will be used against any building cards in the game. The Minion Horde can also deal with any beefy tanks like the Giant or set of Barbarians. Utilizing this might be a challenge if there is an Arrows card present in your enemy's. You can also hide the Hog Rider below them to sneakily access a specific tower.

Hog Rider. He will be the main destroyer of towers/buildings. This card might get easily distracted, but making a team using him will give you a crown easier. You can even hide him UNDER the Minion Horde for a lesser trouble while approaching a tower.

Spear Goblins. This 2-elixir cost card will let you have an extra defense against any incoming troops. Place these green guys to a safe spot to avoid any direct contact with troops or incoming spell cards.

Wizard. His main mission is to quickly annihilate a set of low HP troops and those pesky Minions as well. Can either be used perfectly for offense and defense, pair this guy will any other troops to use his ability further. (Can be replaced by another long-range unit.)

Valkyrie. She will provide help for your Hog Rider in killing any counter troops around. Her AoE is strong enough to kill any interruption. Her HP is enough to absorb any kinds of damage for some particular minutes.

Musketeer. This card might be a single-target focus card but once she locked her attention, there is no turning back. The damage that the Musketeer holds is quite high, as well as her range. Best used by dropping her the last to counter any troops ahead.

Zap. Used against a set of Minion Horde if your Arrows or Wizard is not available. Its mini stun can buy you time and any of your troops can have an extra blow to anything.

Arrows. This card is very handy at all times. Drop this card to immediately kill a swarm of low HP troops. Can also be used to somehow make a damage in Barbarians, Hog Rider and the like.

Battle Strategy:

Make the first move in the first minute of the game by dropping your Spear Goblins. If your enemy makes a push out of it, prepare your Wizard and Valkyrie as much as possible. Prepare any of your Spell Cards for full support. It is important to gain an early advantage using this deck.

Once you defended successfully, given that your Valkyrie or Wizard is still alive, make a team out of it. Drop a Musketeer with any of those two and let them run in a single lane. Let your enemy counter it as you wait for your elixir to pump up. At most, you can deal fair damage to the tower. Once you have collected enough elixir, drop your Minions near the river and in a split second, drop your Hog Rider, too. The enemy might use Arrows, but do not worry for your Hog Rider can reach the tower if it is unguarded. Repeat these steps up until the second minute of the game.

If Building Cards are present, let your Hog Rider jump in the river to reach it easily. He will establish a nice damage against those. Try to drop any of the Valkyrie, Wizard or Musketeer for support.

Once the 60-second mark starts, try to pressure your enemy in any of the lanes. You can make a Wizard + Valkyrie combo and a Hog + Minion Horde in both lanes if needed. If you wrecked a tower before the last minute of the game, defend your towers with all your might to assure victory.

Deck Weakness:

A building card is not present to give support to any incoming troops can make this deck a bit difficult to utilize against Hog Rider or Giant decks. The only way to deal with them is to always leave enough elixir in your hands to counter them as much as possible.

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This deck is fun to use and making unexpected combos will leave your enemy puzzled and angry once you wreck a tower. This might be a bit of a challenge for players who are dependent on any building cards; but trying a new set of cards can give you a great experience.


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