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Heavy Giant Skelly Deck for Triple Elixir Challenge
This extra heavy deck combines the tankiest troops in one with the Giant Skeleton + Clone and Tornado for defense.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 4, 2017.
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Overview and Strengths:

In case you still haven't tried the Triple Elixir Challenge, here is a deck by Nova | Phoenix. He recently was from Nova India and visited my current clan. He was showing his Triple Elixir Challenge deck which includes ultra heavy cards to bombard your opponents.

The strength of this deck is your tankers. You have two tankers in this deck and you use them both! Since you're gaining 1 elixir almost per second, it doesn't matter. You add the Giant Skeleton for defense and Clone for a massive defense damage. Use the Tornado if necessary.

Heavy Giant Skelly Deck:

Bowler Clone Executioner Giant Skeleton
Bowler.png clone.png executioner.png giant_skeleton.png
Golem Lava Hound Princess Tornado
golem.png lava_hound.png princess.png tornado.png

Card Roles:

  • Bowler - Pushes back anybody who tries to stop your mega push. Crushes any low HP units along your Golem's path.
  • Clone - Your trusted spell card. Use this together with your Giant Skeleton to clear the way. It also clones other units around it like the Lava Hound for a cloned Lava Pups which is really scary.
  • Executioner - Same as your Bowler, he will swing his axe to get rid of flying swarms.
  • Giant Skeleton - Your ultimate push destroyer. Play him together with the Clone to finish them off.
  • Golem - Main Tank together with the Lava Hound. Place it or the Lava Hound at the bridge to bring a lot of pressure.
  • Lava Hound - Another tank in the team. It also lets off a bunch of Lava Pups to deal crazy damage. Use it with the Clone together with your other units for a push of a lifetime.
  • Princess - Splash unit that can help your push. She can deal quite good damage in stopping counters for your push.
  • Tornado - Use it together with your Giant Skeleton to finish off any troop. Three Musketeers are no match against this.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The Ideal Strategy of this deck is to have the Golem + Lava Hound + Splash units. You can put the Princess behind your two tanks and then use the Clone for the three. You will now have a massive push together with the Lava Pups and Golemites. For countering, use the Giant Skeleton to finish everything. Use the Tornado spell if necessary.


Start with the Golem at the back of your King Tower and then follow it with the Princess to back it up. You can then drop the Lava Hound at the far corner of your base to start its own push. If you see an incoming counter, you can use whatever splash unit you have, either the Bowler, Executioner, and even the Giant Skeleton. Use Clone and Tornado whenever you see fit.


You have your Executioner, Bowler, and Princess. The most damaging of all is your Giant Skeleton. His Clone can drop that Bomb right away causing a lot of damage. You can pull troops using the Tornado to finish them off.


This deck doesn't have any Zap or Electro Wizard. Inferno Towers and Inferno Dragons can melt your tanks. In case you face them, use the Giant Skeleton + Clone to blast them off. Your Lava Hound's pups can help out too.


DaRealLegend Of Gaming featured Nova | Phoenix's deck and created his own counter deck. DRL's counter deck is also good in Triple Elixir Challenge as it is equipped with Inferno Dragon and Inferno Tower for tanks.

Final Overview:

This deck by Nova | Phoenix is so good that he beat almost all of my clan mates. It is really made for the Triple Elixir Challenge. It has two crazy tankers and a good amount of splash and counter units. The Clone spell just adds to the pressure it gives. If you still don't have a deck, try it out! I will surely use this on Sunday in my own Triple Elixir Challenge matches.

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Last modified: 7, 08, 2017

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