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If you're feeling lost in the game or if you just want to extend your knowledge of it, you've visited the right page! This Clash Royale Guide page will teach beginners how to master the game easily. Veteran players can also learn some tips that can help you move to the next arena and build your battle deck.

This is for all beginners, novice, those who are just starting up, plus additional tips that can help you enjoy the most out of the game.

Clash Royale Guide - Try to reach Arena 2 - 3 quickly

The Beginner Aid section is where novice players can stop by and learn some game basics and some advance strategies. Some advices you can learn are: A Guide on Attacking and Deploying, How to use Spells Properly, and Mistakes You Should Avoid.


After downloading the app, this section will give you a good introduction. Know the basics and equip yourself with tips and strategies to survive. Get to earn those hard to get trophies and start working your way up.

The new cards and balance changes Supercell is doing are shaking things every month or so. Do not get too complacent with the strategy you have. The meta shifts. You cannot always beat the King Tower with an evergreen deck. The more you play Clash Royale, the more you'll realize that there's no one-size-fits-all decks. Now that the game has 67+ cards roaming around, battling an opponent can be a surprise. Sometimes your current deck will not work on a certain new deck that was created after a balance update or a card release. Buffs and nerfs happen often in the game. Knowing aids like these can keep you on tip top shape on every game change.

Starting your Deck doesn't mean having all powerful troops. You have to know which cards counters which. An additional information such as elixir count can also help you determining your next move. We will provide you everything you need to know here.

Deck Building Guide to help you beat opponents The Beginner's Guide to becoming a pro in this addictive game from Supercell! Strategize to Win! A Quick Guide on Attacking and Deploying
2016-05-23-06-50-44-maxresdefault__1_.jpg 2016-03-07-10-18-17-1935611_986600371411595_4749804303255696531_n.0.0.jpg 2016-03-10-13-56-11-maxresdefault__2_.jpg 2016-03-21-07-12-08-deploy.jpg
Mistakes You Should Avoid What you need to know in upgrading your Deck How to use spells properly Specific Strategy Mistakes that you should stop doing
2016-03-23-02-54-50-MobipickerCom.jpg 2016-03-21-01-28-34-upgrade.jpg 2016-08-26-11-13-39-maxresdefault__3_.jpg 2016-03-29-03-31-27-3.jpg
How to deal with Losses How to easily lure troops properly How and Why You Should Count Your Elixirs in Your Deck Strategy for Draw play
2016-03-30-01-40-06-clash_1.jpg 2016-04-02-06-26-48-clash-royale-lure.jpg 2016-04-04-03-56-58-Clash-Royale-pay-to-win.jpg 2016-08-26-11-18-21-sddefault.jpg
Deck in the Training Camp: Where it all begins How to Counter Splash Damagers How to Fix the Not Working Error Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Play
2016-04-25-00-08-56-1.JPG 2016-05-02-04-05-49-Screen_Shot_2016-05-02_at_1.04.52_PM.png 2016-04-25-04-24-10-clash_royale_not_loading.png 2016-04-13-02-32-46-Clash-Royale-930x512.jpg
Not a Clasher yet? The 11th Elixir exists and here's how to utilize it! The Most Difficult Cards to Counter Top 5 TV Royale Videos to Learn From for Beginners and Pros!
2016-03-07-10-16-26-maxresdefault-1.jpg 2016-05-06-02-28-09-dgw6ogE.png fill_750_468_2016-05-18-03-44-46-maxresdefault-6.jpg 2016-05-18-02-53-48-maxresdefault-5.jpg
A Guide to Leveling up Your Troops How to Properly Use Zap Who Is the Best Legendary? Why the Mini P.E.K.K.A Should Be in Your Deck
2016-06-01-14-46-50-hqdefault__1_.jpg 2016-06-07-03-49-50-how_to_properly_use_zap.jpg 2016-06-08-13-07-40-legendary.jpg 2016-06-19-14-41-11-pekka.jpg

Master the Meta in Each Arena

Choose Your Arena is where you can find the most useful decks in the game. It is categorized by the most recent decks and cards. Use it to gain advantage over your opponent or as a deck alternative when the algorithm suddenly changes.


After finishing the crash course on the Training Camp, you will go right ahead and battle your first duel with your chosen deck and the rest is history.

Every month, this mega duel gaming app gives us updates that can thrill old players and entice new players to download. Released world wide on March 2016, Supercell made countless of changes. This includes balance changes, new arenas, and new cards. This made the game interesting to play as they always give something new. Aside from the usual adding cards and arenas, they also rattle the meta. This brings new challenges for veteran players. With new cards and tons of updates being released, a lot of decks are being created. These new decks can adapt to the new change until another one is released.

On this section, we will help you battle your way through different arenas with a lot of troops, spell, and building choices that will benefit all types of players - beginner, novice, expert! Good luck on your way up!


Arena 2 is where new players meet and test their skills after winning through Arena 1. Having a Witch and a Baby Dragon on this arena can give you quite an advantage versus regular players but if not, we will give you decks that can help you breeze through the Bone Pit.


Arena 3 - the home of Spawner decks. You can unlock the Barbarians on this arena that can be a staple for your defense. Another most-used defense building, the Cannon can be unlocked here as well.


Arena 4, the middle ground. This is where average players test their skills against each other to move on to the next arena. The Hog Rider is the most-used troop in this Clash Royale arena and this is also where they can unlock their first legendary card, Lava Hound. Lastly, you get the first taste of coherent Clash Royale strategies here in Arena 4. An example is the Hog Freeze Combo.


Arena 5, where players can get the Zap spell that is really popular in higher arenas, and also the crippling Ice Wizard. We'll teach you what troops and cards complement them!


Arena 6, the playground of level 7, 8 and 9 players where they usually use their level 8 or 9 commons against each other. We'll teach you how to use your old Goblins back to your deck here plus the three legendaries Sparky, The Log, and the Miner!


Arena 7, the home of the infamous Royal Giants, Three Musketeers and Princesses! This arena used to be the stepping stone for players who want to rub elbows with the best.


The newest arena on Clash Royale, Arena 8 - Frozen Peak. The house of the the Bowler, LumberJack and the Ice Spirit. If you already unlocked them, we will teach you what Clash Royale decks to create.


This Jungle themed Arena is full of Goblins and a lone Executioner.We will teach you how you can get out of this Jungle with the best decks in the game.


Arena 10 - Hog Mountain is the old venue of the Legendary Arena. Supercell also decided to add unlockable cards in this new 3000 to 3800 trophy range. The Heal spell is the first addition. Let us help you bring back the glory and climb to the Legendary Arena, Again with these hand picked decks.


Arena 11 - Electro Valley, connect the gap between the Hog Mountain and the Legendary Arena. Be warned, there are many pros here.


Arena 12 - Legendary Arena, is where you will face the best of the best the game has to offer. Although you can not unlock anymore cards here, you can unlock legendary cards in the shop whenever they are available. This is the home of maxed-out players and the skilled and hardened players in the game.

Study card strengths and weaknesses

Card Guides will teach you a more in depth analyzation of cards. You will not find card profile here but The Best Epic Cards, Why the Hog Rider is Being used so much, and more.


Aside from knowing the profile of your new found card, did you know that there are two different types of cards? Is your card reactive? Or is it Proactive? Knowing what type it is will determine if your deck is going to be a "counter deck" (where you have to wait for your opponent to make a push) or a "beatdown deck" (the basic tanker + support + push formula).

The game is moving fairly fast with balance changes and newly released troops/spells/buildings. You have to keep up or else you will get knocked down. Equipping yourself with facts and awareness about your favorite card will help you have an advantage over your enemy.

What are Reactive Cards What are Proactive Cards 5 Best Epic Cards This website tracks the popularity of each and every Card
2016-03-29-11-50-23-pekkas_playhous_strategy-640x381.jpg 2016-03-29-11-19-04-playing-reactive-cards.jpg 2016-05-02-15-24-08-clash_royale_prince.jpg 2016-03-16-08-48-12-unnamed.jpg
The Prince and Why He Should Not Be Underestimated Why the Hog Rider Is Being Used so Much? How to Use the Giant Skeleton A Guide to Leveling up Your Troops
2016-03-14-08-41-08-twitter-06.jpg 2016-05-19-05-16-56-maxresdefault__1_.jpg 2016-05-17-03-11-34-unnamed-2.jpg 2016-06-01-14-46-50-hqdefault__1_.jpg

Always fill your chest slots

Card Guides will teach you a more in depth analyzation of cards. You will not find card profile here but The Best Epic Cards, Why the Hog Rider is Being used so much, and more.


If you are one of those players who keep track of their chests and believe in what they call "chest cycle". This section is for you.

Knowing what chest cycle you have can sometimes predict what cards are you going to have. Sometimes, some players are saying that there's a glitch in the system that you have to follow a certain cycle and do a bunch of steps for you to have a legendary card. This gave birth to the Legendary Glitch. True or not, we are certain that doing those steps takes a lot of time and patience. If you don't know how to follow the steps, then you have to wait for the correct chest cycle to do the trick again.

You think knowing what chest you'll receive will help? This Guide on Free Chests will get you covered.

Chest Cycle Explained When to get these Chests Chest Drop Guide Chest Tracker App
fill_750_468_2016-04-25-08-10-03-Clash_Royale_Chest_Patterm.jpg 2016-03-24-17-04-15-chests_embed.png 2016-03-11-10-56-27-clashroyale-guidecom.jpg 2016-05-30-09-48-14-4.PNG
Everything You Need To Know About Chests Upgrades - What you need to know
facebook.png 2016-03-21-01-28-34-upgrade.jpg

Join a clan


Getting in a clan is fairly easy. If you tap on the Social button and then Search, you will find a bunch of public clans to join. But why join a clan? What are the benefits of having a clan, aside from having sparring buddies if ever you want to try out a new deck? These are just some of the questions we will answer on this section.

Aside from completing Clan Chests that can give you a good reward after completing a number of crowns, these clans can also help in leveling your units when you donate cards and vice versa. You can ask for card donation after a certain number of hours. From common units to rares, and on Sundays, Epic cards are allowed. With this help, you don't need to rely on chests and the Shop alone.

Starting up your own clan is a different story. Getting loyal members to donate and stay in your clan is not easy as 1,2,3. Keeping them intact and cooperate will need good leadership skills and people skills. Are you up for the challenge?

The Basics and Benefits of Being In A Clan How to Request Cards from your Clanmates and Why Clan Settings Guide Clan Roles and Privileges
2016-04-20-05-16-10-header.png 2016-04-20-04-27-26-maxresdefault__1_.jpg 2016-04-20-06-24-08-Clans-660x284.jpg 2016-04-20-03-45-46-crbattle.jpg
Clan Wars: Possible or not Friendly Battle Guide Matchmaking Guide Tournament Rules
2016-04-20-07-16-19-Clash_Royale_1.jpg 2016-04-20-03-07-53-maxresdefault.jpg 2016-04-21-06-26-09-clash_royale_matchmaking.PNG 2016-04-15-01-50-10-AX41Lbu.png
Card Donations: Is it worth it

Don't overspend in the shop


The shop is where you can get troops, spells, and buildings that you want for a price. Price ranges from 2 to 2,000 Gold depending on the rarity. Sometimes, the shop offers bundles that you can get for a good amount of Gold, Gems, or real money. In the Legendary Arena, players can buy Legendary Cards at the shop in expense of 40,000 Gold coins. With the new update, the Shop can also offer you Limited Bundle Offers. This is when the usual chests combined with Gems and Gold are relatively cheaper if you buy them on a normal day.

But if you are still at a low level and in a low ranking arena, do not spend your hard earned gold just yet! Let us tell you why you need to save up for the future.

Shop Guides

Use gems wisely


These Gems are so precious that you can only get them through chests (mostly two or three Gems each). You can also have them by spending real money on the game (thus P2W). With these gems, you can buy tons of stuff on the shop and can gain you a good advantage over your F2P (free-to-play)opponents. Using Gems in the game can help you level up your card faster. By using them, you can also buy Super Magical Chests. These chests have a higher chance of containing a Legendary Card. Having a Legendary Card under your belt (and the knowledge to use them) can win you a duel. Their elixir costs are cheap and they are extremely useful.

If you are an F2P player better save them or let us teach you how to spend those Gems.

The Best Way to Spend Gems Gems: How to Use Them Effectively Scoring Gems With Achievements
2016-03-24-15-22-18-GemsClashRoyaleArena.jpg 2016-04-18-06-13-44-6820875_orig.png fill_750_468_2016-04-28-10-44-12-clash_royale_achievements.png

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