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2016-05-06-06-08-13-unnamed.jpg Guards Push Deck For Arena 7

They are not just there for defense, looks like they can tank too!


The Guards are usually used to counter beefy high damage troops such as P.E.K.K.A. or Prince. On this deck, however, we'll use the shielded Skeleton trio as a tank. Due to their shields with decent amount of HP ,they can protect the push at their back to reach their destination - your enemy's tower!


The Guards' decent amount of HP on their shield plus their own HP can be a distraction to a tower archer and other single target troops. Along with other units backing them like the Fire Spirits and Knight to clear the way, they can reach the enemy's tower in one piece.

Guards Push Deck:

Musketeer Knight Arrows Fire Spirits
Musketeer Knight Arrows Fire Spirits
Archers Goblins Goblin Hut Guards
Archers Goblins Goblin Hut Guards

Card Roles:

ArrowsThis spell will eliminate low HP troops, armies, and hordes.

Archers & GoblinsCheap troops for support and defense for your base.

Fire Spirits: They are great against swarms too. You can also use them as a support to your push.

Goblin Hut: For a good lure right in the middle and to provide Spear Goblins to defend your turf.

GuardsYour main tanking unit!

KnightBecause of his good damage, he'll be the pushing unit of this deck. 

MusketeerHer fire power can also be used as a push but use her mostly against flying troops.

Battle Strategy:

As usual, you have to wait until you have full elixirs. Once at max, bring down your Goblin Hut right in the middle of the arena where you usually put your Bomb Tower. If your opponent counters your spawned Spear Goblins, use your Guards (3 elixirs) + Knight (3 elixirs) + Fire Spirit (2 elixirs) and start the push. The Fire Spirit will eliminate or at least soften any troops coming your way and the Guards and Knight will finish them just before they start ramming your enemy's tower.

During the mid game, continue to plant a Goblin Hut right in the middle of your base to provide a lure and a steady stream of Spear Gobs. Just in case your opponent started  pushing, you can deploy your Goblins and Archers to get rid of them. You can also pull out your Musketeer if you're willing to spend more elixir.

At the double elixir mark, continue pushing with the Guards + Knight + Fire Spirit and defend your base with your Goblin Hut + Musketeer. You can add Archers at the back of your push too for an extra support. This Clash Royale deck is certified to win you 1 or 2 crowns at the end of the game.

Just in case you finished a tower, double think if you're going to push for another tower or just continue defending. Have fun!


AoE troops or units that do splash damage will be the weakness of this deck. The guards, since they're close together in threes can be eliminated by a Wizard, Bomber, Bomb Tower, or Baby Dragon. You can prevent this from happening by always placing Fire Spirits at the back of the push. 

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Looks like the strategy here falls on the tanker + push + support basic technique. Whether you want to use your Guards as a tanker or as a defense, it is definitely your decision. They are wonderful new cards with moderate amount of HP. With just 3 elixirs, they are truly versatile.

Try out this deck and tell us how it worked. We'd love to hear from you. Do you have other decks with the Guards? Let us know and we might feature it here on Clash Royale Pedia!

Last modified: 6,01,2017


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