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Gravy Electro Cycle For Arena 11

Use those legendaries extreme power to their extent! Here is a deck showcasing multi-legends together with the cheapest yet useful cards in the arena today!
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Looking for a great offensive and defensive deck at the same time? Let us break down the deck shared in Deckshop Pro for players, best in higher arenas. Nasty!


This deck is strong against almost all cards in the game. It can fairly deal with bait, Hog Rider or even slow push decks. Countering and splitting the enemies into two is quite cheap and easy. Luring threats is attainable, as well as cycling cards fast.

Gravy Electro Cycle Deck:

Graveyard Electro Wizard Knight Archers
graveyard-card.png ElectroWizardCard.png knight.png archers.png
Skeletons The Log Poison Furnace
skeletons.png TheLog.png poison.png furnace.png

Card Roles:

  • Graveyard: The Graveyard will serve as your deck's main tower knocker. Support or let them alone depending on the situation you are in.
  • Electro Wizard: The Electro Wizard will be in charge of killing air and ground units. He can also reset the Sparky, Inferno Tower and other threats. Can also be used while defending against bulky units.
  • Knight: The Knight will be your main tank and range troop killer. He can somehow handle blows from splashers (e.g Wizard or Witch). Try to do the Knight with Graveyard combo later on.
  • Archers: Archers will be a helpful hand in defeating air units. They can also serve as a support to defend towers. Place them behind a bulkier unit to extend their help.
  • Skeletons: These Skellies will help you cycle your cards quick. They can also serve as a decoy or distractor to any incoming troops. Best used in luring the Elite Barbarians or attacking monsters along the way.
  • Poison: Poison is mainly used to help your Miner in chipping in damage towards a tower. It can also help you in defeating strong squad of troops (e.g Three Musketeers or Barbarians). Huts like the Goblin Hut and/or other defenses will likely go down if you cast this spell.
  • Furnace: Plant to further support your team. Can also chip in damage against towers if level is high enough.

Clash Royale Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to make a strong push with the Graveyard. Along with all the cards intact in this deck, making a successful push will be in various ways. The two main ways are through using a Graveyard with the Knight/Electro Wizard or making a chip in damage with the spells and defensive building over time.

Once your elixir reaches 10, drop the Furnace in the center of your base. If the furnace is not in your hands early, let the enemy initiate the move and counter it efficiently.

First Situation: With the Furnace. If the level of your Furnace is above enough, pressuring your enemy to counter it is highly possible. Wait for them to make the first wave of troops for you to counter. If the enemy tries to attack you with a slow push deck, make a surgical strategy to knock them down.

For example, a bulky tank with a splasher combo. Drop the Archers beside the King Tower. Wait for the enemy to drop their support behind the chunky unit. Once they deployed it, drop the Knight to distract the support. As the Knight kills the back-up, use the Electro Wizard to reduce the bulky unit’s attack to your tower. You can also use the Skeletons if in need.

Second Situation: Without the Furnace. Like what we have said earlier, you can just wait for the enemy’s first wave of troops. If you are not a type of person who likes waiting, you can also create a push with the Knight and Graveyard. Drop the Knight behind the tower. Before it reaches the river, drop the Archers behind him. If still no answer, cast the Graveyard to surprise the enemy. Through this, you will have a chance to picture out what cards your enemy has brought. Once your opponent counter your initial move, prepare for defense.

If they create a strong push out of your move, prepare the Poison Spell and other spells you can use later on. If a bunch of ground units with low HP are deployed, use the Log to wipe them out. If air troops like the Minion Horde are dropped, use the Furnace’s Fire Spirits to kill them. In some cases, your enemy will be clever to protect the hordes. If this happens, use the Poison spell to quickly kill them. Drop the Archers or Electro Wizard to kill a bulky unit in front of you. After this, make a counter push with your available cards.

Treat the Knight as your main defense, through him, you can make a strong push out of your cards. While countering bait decks and Hog Rider decks, use the Electro Wizard to halt them in a split second. Let the Skeletons to support you in killing incoming threats.

In the last minute of the game, pressure your enemy by making a strong push with the Knight and the Graveyard. Do not forget to plant the Furnace to help you kill counters effectively. Drop the Poison Spell if the enemy tries to stop your Graveyard push. To make your attack stronger, support it with your other cards throughout. Once you knocked down a crown, maintain the lead by dropping troops on the enemy’s remaining tower. Do this to distract the enemy’s strategy up until the last seconds of the battle. Counter them wisely if they are trying to grab a tower in your lair.


The weakness of this deck mainly relies on the level of your cards. Leveling these distinct cards is a must. If you plan to maintain and wreck the enemy's troops faster, then doing it is highly recommended.

Air troops might also be a pain in the neck. Though your cards can really counter them (e.g. Lava Hound with Balloon, Lava Hound with Minion Horde), running out of your needed cards will be a challenge. Royal Giant decks might also bring big trouble in this deck as well.


In my opinion, this set of cards is a good cycle deck in the upper arenas. As a Bait Cycle user, having these types of cards can really bring pressure early and in the late game. Make sure to be ready in fighting slow push decks up there. If having a trouble with some of the cards featured, try to tweak it by using the cards you are used to.

Good luck!

Special thanks to Deckshop Pro for this featured deck.

Last modified: 22, 03, 2017

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