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Gravy Bats Cycle Pressure For Arena 10

Fan of fast-cycle deck? Here's a Knight Gravy set of cards featuring the Bats effective in higher arenas today.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on June 27, 2017.
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Make your classic Graveyard Knight mashup level up with the newest common card in town, the Bats. Cycle. Swarm. Repeat!

The deck is strong against Swarm, some Slow-Push and Hog Rider cycle decks.

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Fast Cycle Gravy Bats Deck:

Graveyard Knight Bats Skeletons
graveyard-card.png knight.png bats.png skeletons.png
Archers Ice Spirit Poison Zap
archers.png IceSpirit.png poison.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Graveyard - Main Tower Smasher. Swarm your enemy's towers with this 5-elixir spell card. Team it up with the Knight and/or the Ice Spirit to make your other units reach and wreck their target accordingly.
  • Knight - Main Tank. This 3-elixir unit holds a bulky amount of HP and can be very effective in both offense and defense. Deploy this unit to tank the Skeletons from the grave. You can also use this unit to counter ground threats in certain situations.
  • Bats - Support. The Bats will take over the pesky troops in both offensive and defensive plays.
  • Archers - Additional Support. Deploy the Archers to defend or take down towers. This unit is best against low HP and aerial units.
  • Skeletons - Distractors. Same with the role of the Bats, the Skeletons will help you cycle your cards quick. It can also distract incoming threats such as the Elite Barbarians or Mini PEKKA.
  • Ice Spirit - Surprise Graveyard Support. You can use the Graveyard as a great unit to halt the tower in a few moments. Mainly, this card can help you freeze troops in both offense and defense. Cycle this card quick to help your main team in taking down threats/towers.
  • Poison - Counter Sweeper. Cast this spell along with the Knight Graveyard combo. With this, all swarm counters (e.g Skeleton Army, Minion Horde) will all die before they can save their tower(s).
  • Zap - Cheap yet Effective. Use the Zap to take down early counters against your strategy. You can also use this in taking down cheap supports of the enemy.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

Create a massive push with the Knight, Graveyard, and Poison. Along with these three cards, deploy and cast cards such as the Bats and the Ice Spirit behind to somehow halt possible counter units. Tag the Archers along for extra damage towards towers/troops.

You must create the pressure as early as you can to distract the opponent in making their own offensive plays. Once you took down a tower, you need to defend a bit as you continue to pressure the remaining lane.


During offense, you can stick with the featured deck's ideal strategy. Rolling out these cards together, (Poison, Knight, Graveyard) is not hard to attain. In some situations, even without the Knight, you can also take down a tower. You can also try the Graveyard with the Archers or with the Ice Spirit. Though this might be risky, a great reward is waiting if you pull this kind of strategy.

For cheap yet effective pressure, you can use the Archers Knight mashup. Tag the Bats or Skeletons with them as you prepare your Poison or Zap to efficiently counter the enemy's troops.


For defense, you will need to quickly cycle your cards. If dealing with a bulky unit (Golem, Giant), place the Skeletons first to counter them. If support units are behind, deploy the Knight/Archers to distract them. Wait for the moment until your Skeletons are killed by the opponent's spells. Once they cast it, quickly drop the Bats to continuously defend your crown tower. If times are tough, you can use the Poison Spell as a defensive card. Just make sure it will be worth the drop to directly weaken the enemy's attack. This strategy is also applicable to some other decks such as the Elite Barbarians, Hog Rider and more.

If you are facing a bunch of swarm cards, you can try to use an Ice Spirit Zap combo against the Minion Horde. Wait for the best chance when to drop the Ice Spirit/Zap in succession. Through this, you can preserve your Poison Spell to defend from other pesky units.

You can have the Bats and/or Archers to defend from Lava Hound/Balloon decks. Like what we have said, you need to be patient in dropping your cards. This is recommended to avoid being killed by a single shot of the enemy. It might be with a troop or a spell card.

Additional Tip:

Drop your units one-by-one. This means you must not panic if a wave of big threat is incoming. Forcing the enemy to use their counter cards (e.g Spells) before using your other cards is important. This is for you to continuously defend your base. While on offense, you can drop your cards massively if you know your enemy is out of counter cards or out of elixir.

We would also want to reiterate that you need to make constant pressure early. Remember that you do not have big counters against big threats, especially if the game reaches the final minute. So you must take the lead early to ruin your enemy's strategy.


Spell and Splasher Decks. You might find difficulty in dealing with these decks. Some Hog Rider and Slow Push might overwhelm you if you let them have the upper hand in the late game. The best advice we can give is for you to have a crown early. Pressure the enemy as you grab their crown tower in the first two minutes. After getting one, you will have a higher chance of winning against these kinds of decks.

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Special thanks to ClASHwithSHANE for this fast-cycle deck!


If you are a real fan of Fast-Cycle Decks, then this set of cards is really worth a try. Practice further to improve your skills especially in casting the Graveyard. Level up your cards to keep up with the other players' phase in the higher arenas.

Good luck!

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Last modified: 12, 09, 2017

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