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This Bowler Graveyard deck is recently seen in higher arenas, is this the next best deck in the current meta?

Overview and Strength:

Originally Published 13, 12, 2016

Running a Graveyard deck is weird without an aggressive or beefy unit present. Can this Bowler deck help you collect trophies starting in Arena 8? Well, let’s find out.

The deck relies on the main combo, the Graveyard Bowler strategy. With cheap yet effective cards available, making an impressive push or defensive move is easy. This set of cards can easily wipe out swarm decks. With the Inferno Tower, slow-push decks will be having a hard time to access its principal target.

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Graveyard Bowler Deck - Arena 8 Above:

Bowler Graveyard Archers Mega Minion
Bowler.png graveyard-card.png archers.png 2016-09-19-00-47-23-mega_minion.PNG
Ice Spirit or Ice Golem Inferno Tower Fireball Zap
IceSpirit.png inferno_tower.png fireball.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Bowler: Your main tank in this deck. This unit can help your Skeletons big time. You can also use the Bowler in slowing down incoming units, especially ground units. Use this card to distract counter troops or buildings within range.
  • Graveyard: Use to mainly wreck towers. Support this legendary card at all cost to extend its ability. Use units behind to help them chip in more damage against its target. If times are tough, you can use this against a beefy unit incoming. The Graveyard can also help you kill the Sparky and other troops effectively.
  • Archers: Both used in offense and defense. Use the Archers behind your Crown Tower or behind the Bowler to eliminate counter units. They can be very deadly if ignored. 
  • Mega Minion: After some changes in the November update, the Mega Minion is still one of the most used defensive air units in the game. In this deck, it is mainly used for countering incoming units. Turn it into a useful support behind the Bowler.
  • Ice Spirit: This 1-spell card can help you wipe out low HP units accordingly. It can also serve as a distraction for troops like the Prince, Hog Rider or Mini P.E.K.K.A. With that said, Ice Spirit is used to cycle your cards immediately.
    • Alternative Card for Ice Spirit - Ice Golem: Use this card to kill low HP units quick. Place this in front of the Bowler if needed. This card can also be used while defending crown towers.
  • Inferno Tower: This deadly tower is to melt a tank’s HP overtime. This is an important card especially against slow-push and Hog Rider decks. Wisely plant it on your base to lure deadly troops accordingly.
  • Fireball: The Fireball will help you secure a win in the game. You can use this spell in knocking down towers. Otherwise, against swarm units like Barbarians, Minion Horde and the like. 
  • Zap: Use this spell in eliminating swarm troops. A combo with the Ice Spirit in annihilating a Minion Horde can also be done. The Zap Spell can also reset the enemy’s target or charged attack (Sparky, Prince, etc). If needed, use this spell in killing low HP troops.

Clash Royale Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to successfully form the Bowler Graveyard squad in a single push. To do this, you must wait for your elixir to reach 10 before making a move. Wait for your enemy’s move and counter it accordingly. If a slow push combo is incoming, let their bulky troop pass their crown tower before deploying the Bowler. Place this unit behind the King Tower to build further elixir. If air units are behind, cast the Fireball quick. On the other hand, you can Zap the Skarmy or low HP troops if needed. Drop the Inferno Tower afterwards. Let your Bowler roam in the enemy’s lair as you wait for your elixir to load up. Once you cycled back the Bowler, perform the steps below to win a tower.

Deploy the Bowler behind your King Tower and wait until it reaches your Crown Tower. Place the Mega Minion on top of the Giant as you prepare your Graveyard. Before the Bowler reaches the river, drop the legendary card in the enemy’s tower. This is to confuse the enemy on what to defend first. Drop the Archers for further support or if necessary, you can use the Ice Spirit for additional backup. Hold the Fireball to weaken an incoming push. Cycle the cards you need to perform the steps once again. Control troops by countering them wisely. 

Once the game reaches its final minute, you can still repeat the given strategy. As you weaken their tower, you can use the Fireball to grab their dying tower in the last seconds of the game. 

PS: If you plan to play with the Ice Golem instead, deploy this unit in front of the Bowler for a stronger support. This will distract ground or air units helping your Bowler to make extra hits against its target.


The deck might be in trouble once you used the spells to defend in your enemy’s initial attack. Once your opponent understands the rhythm of you movement, they can possibly counter you easier. Air units will also be a tough enemy of this deck. We recommend you to use the spells carefully to avoid being wrecked by swarm troops. The main combo of this deck is also costly, that’s why users must study the enemy’s strategy before executing the given strategy.

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This set of cards can be surprisingly strong once you caught your enemy off-guard. Mastering this is easy if you are a fan of slow push decks. Seeing a Bowler or Graveyard deck is kind of odd without a beefy tank. But in this case, it can still be impressive if played well.

How about you? Did you try this deck already? What are your thoughts about it? Share it with us in the comment section below!

Special thanks to Orange Juice Gaming for this deck.

Article written by Forrest

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Last modified: 12, 09, 2017

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  • If this deck is weak against air unit, How can we counter the lava hound deck? because if we use the inferno tower, they can zap it or enemy balloon can destroy it. -- 05:52, 21 March 2017 (UTC)
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