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Golem Double Witch Deck for Arena 11 and Leagues
This deck is versatile and can answer to any strategies in the arena. It also combined the Golem with the Night Witch and another Witch for an OP beatdown.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 2, 2017.
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Overview and Strengths:

This deck is by ah craaaap featured by CLASH WITH ASH. He has been dominating the ladder with this Golem Double Night Witch deck. A Night Witch behind a Golem is already a tough combo to face. He added the regular Witch to add pressure and power.

The strength of this deck is the ability of the Golem to shield the two Witches behind it. This will give the Witches enough time to draw their Bats and Skeletons and sort of swarming the opponent's side of the arena. It also has the Bandit for a quick tower push that you can send on her own.

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Golem Double Witch Deck:

Bandit Fire Spirits Golem Inferno Dragon
bandit.png fire_spirits.png golem.png inferno-dragon.png
Night Witch Poison Tornado Witch
night_witch.png poison.png tornado.png witch.png

Card Roles:

  • Bandit - Independent unit. You can deploy her own her own if you think the opponent already exhausted a lot of elixirs.
  • Fire Spirits - Can deal a good splash and chip damage.
  • Golem - Main tank of the deck. Place it at the back of your king tower to start your push.
  • Inferno Dragon - The mobile Inferno Tower. Use it to melt down tankers such as Giants, P.E.K.K.A, Golems etc.
  • Night Witch - She will spawn a pair of Bats to do her bidding. These Bats can lock on to a tower or another unit.
  • Poison - It protects your push against low HP units. You can also use it defensively.
  • Tornado - Pulls Hog Riders and even Giants to activate your King Tower. You can also use to pull counters away from your push and have your double witches deal with them.
  • Witch - Ranged and deals splash damage. Her Skeletons are a plus too as they can distract the enemy while she shoots them.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to have the Golem + Night Witch + Witch push. Once you have this correct formation, have your Tornado ready to pull counters away and put them in a clump. The Witch's splash damage and her Skeletons will finish them off along with the Night Witch's strength and Bats. You can also deploy the Bandit on her own if you feel like the coast is clear.


Start by dropping your Golem at the back of your King Tower. If the opponent chose the push with a Giant or Golem on the right lane, push to the left lane. This will scatter the opponent's push to counter yours, leaving their tank naked. Add the Night Witch behind the Golem and then the Witch to complete your push. You can then add the Fire Spirits just in case your foe decides to put cheap units around.


You have a lot of defense cards. The Inferno Dragon is for tanks, the Witches are for countering too. Use the Tornado to pull units away from your crown tower and activate your king tower. After doing a good push, you can then start a counter-push.

Additional Tips:

You can use other units such as the Bandit and stack them behind your Golem.


As with other Beatdown decks, the Inferno Tower can pose a problem. You can counter it by having your Bandit go to the other lane and put it out. Combine her with the Fire Spirits for an added damage.

Another weakness is its 4.1 average elixir cost. This deck is pretty heavy and it doesn't have an Elixir Collector. The 8 elixir Golem is a big commitment. You should put him at the back of your King Tower at the start of the match to gain them back. Stack units behind him to make a push.

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ah craaaap explains how to use his deck in this CWA video. He also shares a few replays and live matches.

Final Overview:

Since ah craaaap is feeling confident about this deck, I might also try it out in my own ladder matches. I currently have a level 4 Golem and once I saved enough Gold to upgrade it, I will test it out. It is looking good as the cards behind the Golem are also great defense cards. You can just let them do their work, drop a Golem at the bridge and you're ready to roll.

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Last modified: 11, 09, 2017

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