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Golem Bats Squad For Arena 9

Swarm with the squad with this epic Slow-Push Pressure Deck created for Jungle Arena above.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on June 26, 2017.
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Swarm and conquer! This deck showcases the mighty Golem along with the most annoying cards in the arena today. Make way for this set of cards that you can count on starting on the Jungle Arena.

This deck is also recommended for Challenges/Tourneys in the game.


The deck is strong against Slow-Push, Hog Rider, Swarm and Bait Decks.

Golem Bats Squad Deck:

Golem Bats Battle Ram Goblin Gang
golem.png bats.png Battle_Ram.png Goblin_Gang.png
Minion Horde Minions The Log Zap
minion_horde.png minions.png TheLog.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Golem - Tanker/Tower Smasher. Deploy this chunky unit behind your King Tower to collect further elixir that you need to support it.
  • Bats - Additional Support. The Bats can literally chip in small but massive damage if left ignored. Team it up with the Golem together with the Minions and or Minion Horde.
  • Battle Ram - Cheap Tower Knocker. Surprise your enemy by deploying this card on the opposite lane with the Goblin Gang/Minions. Do this trick once you deployed the Golem on your chosen lane.
  • Goblin Gang - Distractor/Supporter. Deploy the Goblin Gang to help defend your Crown Towers or support the Golem/Battle Ram split strategy.
  • Minion Horde - Tremendous Damage. Deploy this card to defend from big threats who will take down your towers. The Minion Horde can also help your Golem to swiftly annihilate a tower in most situations. Bait the enemy with your cheap swarmers before casting this card.
  • Minions - Cheap yet Effective Support. The Minions role is almost the same with the Goblin Gang. It can be a support and/or distraction in almost all scenarios in a single battle.
  • The Log - Ground Sweeper. Wipe out cheap swarm counters such as the Goblin Gang or the Skeleton Army to free your Golem. You can also use the Log in taking down the Princess.
  • Zap - Additional Sweeper. Zap swarm of troops to quickly kill or weaken them in a snap. The Zap can also help you in resetting an Inferno Dragon/Tower's damage and/or target. This will make your push rate bigger and successful.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to have the Golem rolling along with the Bats for initial support. Once the Golem reaches the river, you will need to deploy the Battle Ram with the Minions on the opposite side. Deploy the Minion Horde or Goblin Gang behind the Golem and prepare/cast the spells depending on your enemy's answer.


The Golem with Goblin Gang mashup. You can use this combo almost everytime in the game. Just make sure to drop the Goblin Gang after the Golem reaches the bridge. You can also use the Minions and/or Minion Horde for bigger support. The trick is, you need to bait your enemy first to use their counter cards (Spells,Splashers) in your initial Golem support. Once you force them to use their swarm-counter cards, you can now freely choose what card you want to deploy.

This strategy is also applicable with the Battle Ram. Aside from the Golem, you can support it with all the cards in the deck. You can use the Battle Ram as a pressure card if you cannot deploy the Golem in such situations.

But keep in mind that the best offensive strategy of this deck is the split push formation. Check the ideal strategy to simulate it first in your mind before implementing it on your battles.


You can use the Bats/Minions in taking down units such as the Mini PEKKA, Valkyrie, the Hog Rider and other middle-tier units in the game. To deal with the Elite Barbarians, you will need the Goblin Gang. If they have Zap, try to use the Battle Ram to lure them. Let the Barbarians fight them. If in need, deploy the Bats or Minions for added support. In taking down bulky units, you can use the Minion Horde. If times are tough, deploy the Golem to ingest initial attacks from threats. Support it afterwards. Cast the Log and or Zap to kill swarmers in an instant.

Additional Tip:

For our extra tip, you can also split the Minion Horde to support your Golem and Battle Ram at the same time. This is applicable once the 60-second mark starts. Of course, you will need the cheaper cards to support your tanks first before making the split Minion Horde combo. To do this, you will only need to drop the Horde near the center of your base.

Also, if the enemy is countering your Minion Horde with their spells, you can just cast the Bats and/or Minions first. They will likely ignore it to save their spells in eliminating your Horde.


The deck might be in trouble dealing with Splash and Spell-Based Decks. If this happens, you need to bait them with your cards to force them to use their spells. If splashers are around, you can use the Battle Ram's ability to force them to counter it. Once they are triggered, you can now make a strong comeback with the Golem later on.


Special thanks to Bootramp for this deck!


This nasty deck is best for players who are already used in playing the Golem. This deck is nasty to the point that you will be really annoyed if you faced one, either in Challenges or Ladder Ranking.

Good luck!

Last modified: 27, 06, 2017

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