Aside from the fact that it is obtainable from (Arena 6) Builder's Workshop and that it costs 8 Elixirs, the Golem bears many similarities with the Giant. However, the Golem has an additional feature that the other does not have--splitting into two smaller versions called "Golemites" upon destruction. It takes the appearance of a spiked collar-wearing massive rock brute.


Mighty and durable, the Golem can withstand multiple attacks from opponent troops due to its extremely high HP. Like the Giant, it only targets towers, but can easily smash them with its great strength. Even in its last breath, the Golem proves to be a formidable choice: once it dies, it splits into two Golemites, inflicting Area Damage to those around it. These Golemites then continue to attack Towers until they are destroyed. Just like the Golem's, their destruction results into a moderate Area Damage as well.


Like the Giant, the Golem moves and attacks very slowly. Moreover, it is only wired to attack towers. It cannot defend itself from neither ground nor aerial troops. With a very high Elixir cost, some players may think that it is wiser to substitute it with the Giant instead.

Popular Golem Decks:

How To Counter The Golem:

Although its looks can be intimidating, the Golem is easily countered by an Inferno Tower, which has the innate ability to strengthen its attacks over time. Deploying a Skeleton Army might be the best thing to do when dealing with tanks, but it may not work just as well with the Golem due to the splash damage it deals upon its destruction, which can eliminate most of the Skeletons.

As its movement speed is slow and it does not attack troops or buildings, players have a lot of time to deal with the Golem before it reaches the towers.


Overall, the Golem serves as a good tank and Tower-smasher, but should not be left alone in the Arena. It is highly recommended to pair it with support troops that can deal much damage such as the Wizard, the Musketeer, the Mini P.E.K.K.A, or even the Prince to ensure its maximum efficiency.


Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Targets Cost Count Rarity Type
2.5 sec slow 3 sec Melee Buildings 8 x1 Epic Troop
Golemite Hit Speed Golemite Speed Golemite Target Golemite Count
2.5 sec slow Buildings x2
Level Golem HP Golem Damage Golem Damage per second Golem Death Damage Golemite HP Golemite Damage per second Golemite Death Damage Card Gold Experience
1 3150 186 74 186 630 37 15 37 1 N/A N/A
2 3465 204 82 204 693 40 16 40 2 400 25
3 3811 225 90 225 762 44 18 44 4 1,000 50
4 4189 246 98 246 837 49 20 49 10 2,000 100
5 4599 270 108 271 919 54 22 54 20 4,000 200
6 5040 297 118 297 1008 59 24 59 50 8,000 400
7 5544 327 130 327 1108 59 24 59 100 20,000 800
8 6079 358 143 358 1215 71 29 71 200 50,000 1,600

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