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Goison Night Witch For Arena 11

Bring back that nasty Goison combo featuring the newest legendary today, the Night Witch. Push your luck on higher arenas with this set of cards, Chief!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on June 7, 2017.
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The classic duo, Giant and Poison, are teaming up with the Bat Summoner - the Night Witch. This deck is designed for ladder matches in higher arenas.


This set of cards is good against Swarm, Bait and Hog Cycle Decks.

Goison Night Witch Deck:

Night Witch Giant Baby Dragon Goblin Gang
night_witch.png giant.png baby_dragon.png Goblin_Gang.png
Skeletons The Log Zap Poison
skeletons.png TheLog.png zap.png poison.png

Card Roles:

  • Night Witch - The main support of your Giant. Deploy this behind to summon bats and attack sneaky counters around.
  • Giant - The main tank of this team. Support this bulky unit with the right troops depending on the situation.
  • Baby Dragon - Air and ground splasher. The Baby Dragon will be in charge of killing swarm troops. This card is a handy unit that can semi-tank towers or deadly splashers.
  • Goblin Gang - For cheap chip-ins. You can also use this card as a defensive one. Distract and eliminate incoming units with this 3-elixir card.
  • Skeletons - Cycler of the deck. Deploy the Skeletons to kite or somehow distract pesky troops. It can also absorb instant damage from the Sparky, Inferno Dragon or Inferno Tower. Use the Skeletons to kill unsupported troops like the Hog Rider or other bulky units.
  • The Log - Wipe out ground swarmers in a flick with the log.
  • Zap - Annihilate or weaken swarm troops in an instant. You can also Zap the Inferno Dragon/Tower to reset their attack and target.
  • Poison - Best used with the Giant and the Night Witch. If times are tough, you can use the Poison as a defensive card. Cast it within the enemy's tower to damage and counter units around it.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to have the Giant, Night Witch and Baby Dragon early. These three cards will likely dominate ground and air counters. As your team approaches the targeted tower, prepare and cast the Poison Spell around the enemy's tower. Cycle your deck all the way and make strong counter pushes depending on the enemy's strategy.


Offensively, you will need to have the Giant and the Night Witch. If counters are approaching, pick the best spell to stop them. If they deployed Skeleton Army, use The Log to wipe them out. If the Minion Horde/Goblin Gang is faced, use the Zap Spell instead. For cheap tower attacks, you can use the Goblin Gang. Some other possible combos are the Baby Dragon and the Night Witch or Baby Dragon with the Goblin Gang.

Let the Baby Dragon tank as these other two cards support and attack targets from behind. If possible, team up the Night Witch with the Giant and the Baby Dragon. Cast appropriate spells to make a successful attack.


If fighting against the Elite Barbarians, you can use either the Skeletons or the Goblin Gang. If you think it will be a risky move, you can tag the Night Witch along. Place the Skeletons first and then deploy the Night Witch. The Night Witch will likely take them down and can survive somehow. This scenario is also applicable to any other units such as the Hog Rider, PEKKA, etc.

Kill swarms like the Goblin Barrel and the Skeleton Army with the Log. If air troops are incoming, you can use the Baby Dragon or the Goblin Gang to stop those. Do not hesitate to use the Zap during defense. If possible, use the Poison only for support to your Giant Night Witch mashup.

In some cases, you will need to use the Giant as a damage absorber. If this happens, try to look for a way to cycle it back quickly.

Additional Tip:

This set of cards is strong in creating counter-push combos. To do so, you can answer the enemy's attack by the Baby Dragon or the Night Witch. Before they reach the river, deploy the Giant in front of them. From there, you can possibly catch the enemy off-guard. Like what we always say, do not forget to support your team with your spells. The spells are essential to make a successful counter combo.


This deck might be in trouble against Slow-Push, X-Bow and Tornado Decks.



Special thanks to Bootramp for this awesome deck!


Undoubtedly, the Night Witch works pretty well with Slow Push Decks. With the right cards together, supporting one another is fairly easy.

How about you? Have you played the Night Witch already? Share us your deck and thoughts below, Chief!

Happy gaming!

Last modified: 8, 06, 2017

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