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Pressure Enemies with the Goblin Barrel Rocket Deck for Arena 11

Pressure your opponent with the Rocket and a Barrel Toss until his tower goes down!
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Cheap damage from your units may not look huge early in the match, but it is a slowly-but-surely process that can surprise your opponent later in the game.

Ash demonstrated this Goblin Barrel Rocket Deck for Arena 11 as a defensive deck that damages the opponent's tower little by little.


This is a very good cycle deck as it only averages 3.4 elixir cost. Rocket will be your main direct damage dealer, while Goblin Barrel will be your main cheap damage galore for the opponent's crown tower. Princess can do the same, but she is better defensively, then do a counter push with the Knight. This is a ridiculous defensive deck as you only rely on Rocket and Goblin Barrel to take chunks of damage from the opponent's tower.

Goblin Barrel Rocket Deck:

Princess Knight Goblin Barrel Fire Spirits
princess.png knight.png goblin_barrel.png fire_spirits.png
Skeleton Army The Log Rocket Inferno Tower
skeleton_army.png TheLog.png rocket.png inferno_tower.png

Card Roles:

  • Princess: The Princess is a good defensive unit against low HP units and Minion Horde. She can also do some cheap damage to the tower and she is really dangerous if left unattended.
  • Knight: Knight is a jack-of-all-trades type of unit for this deck. He can be a tank offensively, and a good distraction defensively.
  • Goblin Barrel: This deck is full of Zap bait units. You can bait your opponent by using other units before launching this card to the opponent's tower. It will deal great amount of damage if left unattended.
  • Fire Spirits: One of the Zap Bait units in this deck. They really have a good value if you manage to stop a Minion Horde or a huge push altogether.
  • Skeleton Army: Another Zap Bait unit in this deck, Skeleton Army can easily overwhelm a tank, which makes them a great counter for Giant, Royal Giant. They can easily be countered, though.
  • The Log: You can easily replace this with Zap, but if you have this, then this has a better value than Zap in most cases. You can easily kill a Princess with this unit and even the Gobs from the Goblin Barrel.
  • Rocket: Rocket can easily demolish tower's health for each attack. Around 450 - 700 HP is taken out by one Rocket attack so it is really huge. It depends on the level of your Rocket, though.

Clash Royale Strategy:

This deck is fairly simple to use. First off, wait until your elixir reaches max. The main strategy here offensively is to keep deploying the Goblin Barrel onto his tower to get cheap damage. Then hit the tower with a Rocket if you have an elixir advantage. This deck is built defensively while taking off a chunk of HP from the tower each cycle.

We will focus on the defensive strategy since this is more of a defensive deck with direct damage to the tower. If your opponent also has a Goblin Barrel, use The Log to stop them instantly. Always deploy the Princess either at the back or in front of your King's tower, it depends on the situation. Knight and Skeleton Army can easily be used as defensive units against Hog Rider or Elite Barbarians. Skeleton Army is also a good counter against huge tanks alongside Inferno Tower. Both Princess and Skeleton Army are baits for the Log, and even the Zap.

Once you are done defending your lane, pressure the opponent with your Goblin Barrel. If you have a lot of elixirs, you may use Rocket to deal huge damage to the tower. On the other hand, you can do a decent counter push with Knight and [[Princess]. You may even use two Princesses if you already cycle through it. Fire Spirits are good support for this counter push. They are also good when your opponent is doing a huge push, they can easily stop a cramped push, and it gives you a huge elixir advantage over the opponent.

Once the 2x elixir mark starts, you can now easily cycle with the Rocket and Goblin Barrel. If you hit the tower at least 2 times with a Rocket for the first 2 minutes of the match, you can easily destroy his tower during double elixir time including overtime by launching at least 2 Rockets.


This deck does not have a lot of weaknesses, but it is quite risky to use, especially if you are new with this deck. Only launch a Rocket if you have at least 9 elixirs, otherwise, you may easily get overwhelmed when your opponent suddenly rushes in with a huge push.


Special thanks to Ash for this featured deck! Goblin Barrel Rocket Deck starts at 8 minutes and 29 seconds of the video.


This Goblin Barrel Rocket Deck is a great cycle deck if you prefer direct damage and if you are good at defending your own lane. This is a decent defensive deck; Just be careful on how you position your units. Also, I highly suggest that you have at least level 8 Rocket if you plan on using this deck. (Level 7 if you are on lower Arena). Same with Goblin Barrel, it should be at least level 6.

Last modified: 16, 03, 2017

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