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In this Clash Royale Deck for (Arena 4) P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse, overwhelm your opponent with Goblins. If he tries to push, the Tesla will do its job.


Goblins… Goblins everywhere! With the rising popularity of these green guys, Clashers made different useful decks that can help to bag lots and lots of trophies in specific arenas.  In this article, we pave the way for these Goblins with the use of the not-so-hidden Tesla in Clash Royale!


Deck Strength

The deck can be considered as strong as the other common decks being used in the game. The combination and swarm of these cards can cause havoc if played well. By the help of your supporting cards, you can defend your crown towers with eash and knock down a tower in the long run.

The Goblin + Tesla Deck

Goblins Goblin Hut Goblin Barrel Spear Goblins
Goblins Goblin Hut Goblin Barrel Spear Goblins
Tesla Lightning Rocket Arrows
Tesla Lightning Rocket Arrows

Card Roles

  • Goblin Barrel - This 3 in 1 barrel guys will sneak and snatch a tower to win an ending game, Chief! Make sure to use them tactically!
  • Spear Goblins - Long-range type Goblin that will make your opponent’s life miserable. Pair it with their other brothers and make a Goblin party afterwards.
  • Goblins - Fast and reliable. Armed with a very good damage within their knives.
  • Goblin Hut - Will spawn green guys as many as possible within the stipulated time.
  • Rocket - Your ultimate destroyer. Use this in taking down towers with no sweat needed from your Gobs!
  • Arrows - Stop those incoming troops to devastate your base. Can also be used to kill troops ahead for your trolls to be on rampage.
  • Tesla - Defense at its finest. This will be your main defense and stopper for you do not have decent tank-type cards in this deck. Drop them in the middle part of your base for full usage.
  • Lightning - Can also stop troops that will be attacking your towers. Handy in damaging your opponent’s tower.

Battle Strategy

Drop your Tesla first in the center of your base followed by a Goblin Hut  in either lane. Once your opponent reacts on your move, try to confuse them on where you are going to attack next. The combo given by the user is to throw a  Goblin Barrel  in an unsecured tower, drop your  Goblins then make a massive gobs by releasing your  Spear Goblins at the back. Your goblins will sure make a critical damage in a tower or at most, they can destroy it.

Players know how to counter your troops easily because of their low HPs. That is why you will be needing supporting cards to help your Gobs in the entire game. Analyze their cards to make counter moves. Occasionally drop your Rocket if the other party brings huts to swarm your base. The rocket can also be used in knocking down a tower. Rocket can be so much handy in times of a losing game. Use it wisely. If there are Building Cards hindering you, drop a Goblin Hut in the same lane of it and let your Spear Goblins spawn and make a damage to it little by little.

Once your Gobs gathered in a lane, Always prepare your Arrows or Lightning Spell ahead to support your pushing troops. Again, Gobs can be killed by splash damage like the Witch and even Valkyrie or worst, by Arrows. To avoid this situation, make a double push move.

This move will make your opponent think that you will be focusing on one lane but eventually switch your attention to the opposite one. Drop your Goblin Hut in a single lane, support it with some melee or Spear Goblins. It will swarm the chosen lane and force your opponent to make a counter move and will almost drop every available card they have got to stop you draining their elixir.

Due to your Goblin cards' low elixir cost, you can drop as many of them as possible in the other lane. We recommend you to do this in the last minute of the game. Elixir will run twice faster. Though favorable in both parts, you can still use it as your own advantage.

Deck Weakness

Given that your troops are all packed with low HPs, you will have a hard time to swarm if your opponent brought a lot of Spell Cards for it can diminish your troops in just a few seconds. There are also no tank troops available in this troop that is why you would hardly rely on your Tesla and other Spell Cards. You will be needing enough time to play this deck on full extent. Once the game reaches its last minute, that will be the only time you can wreck power throughout the game. Patience is the key!

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Goblin Deck + Tesla Gameplay

Clash Royale - GOBLINS ONLY ATTACK! - Clash Royale "Goblins Only Raids" (Clash Royale Crazy Raids)

Source: mcsportzhawk

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