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Go Bats Ram Bait Deck for Arena 9

A Golem deck together with the popular Battle Ram and the new Bats card to bait out spells
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on July 12, 2017.
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Overview & Strength

Golem is everywhere in the current meta. It is also joined by the Battle Ram for direct damage. Bootramp shared his deck that surprisingly, only has 3.6 average elixirs even with the Golem. It also has three flying units to lure any spells in your opponent's arsenal.

The strength of this deck relies on the Golem. Other cards included are to support your Golem in making a push. It also has three flying units: Minions, Minion Horde, and Bats. These three will bait out any spells your opponent has.

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Go Bats Ram Bait Deck:

Bats Battle Ram Goblin Gang Golem
bats.png Battle_Ram.png Goblin_Gang.png golem.png
Minion Horde Minions The Log Zap
minion_horde.png minions.png TheLog.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Bats - They are cheap and effective. Use them to counter Hog Riders and any incoming trespassers.
  • Battle Ram - Once you drop the Golem, the opponent is usually focused on that side. Make a quick push on the other lane with the Battle Ram to deal damage.
  • Goblin Gang - Another bait card. Use it for defense or offense if you feel like the opponent doesn't have any counters.
  • Golem - You main pushing unit. Partner it with any of your flying units.
  • Minion Horde - They are extremely powerful and can wreck a tower in a matter of seconds. Use them to counter or deal tower damage. You can also split them and make the other half go with your Battle Ram.
  • Minions - If you need a quick other lane push with the Battle Ram, pair it with the Minions. Since Graveyard is popular, they are a great counter against it.
  • The Log - This Log is made for Princesses and other cheap units.
  • Zap - Just in case The Log wasn't able to finish the job, you have your Zap spell to clean everything. You can also use it against an Inferno Tower.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is Golem + Bats. If the opponent counters with a spell, drop the Minions. If they still counter it with a spell, use your Minion Horde. Make sure that your Golem is still able to tank for your flying units.

You can also put down the Battle Ram + Minions to the other lane for a split push.


For offense, deploy the Golem at the back of the King Tower. Have your Bats back it up. If the opponent counters, use your Goblin Gang together with the Minion Horde. Have your Zap and The Log ready to for the usual SkArmy counter.


Aside from your Golem and Battle Ram, all of your cards are available for defense. Since you don't have any building to lure the opponent, always have the Bats ready to counter against those quick Hog Riders. For chunky and tanky troops, you have your Goblin Gang and Minion Horde.


The weakness of this deck is AoE units like Executioner, Wizard, Baby Dragon, and Witch. Since most of your cards are of low HP, you might want to make them target your Golem or Battle Ram before you deploy your chip troops. The Log can also help dealing a little damage and pushing them back.

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Check out Bootramp as he uses this deck in a live Grand Challenge match.


Since this deck is a bait deck, it is expected to be weak against AoE units. You can stop this from happening by making them target your Golem before you put down your troops. You also have your Battle Ram for a quick damage to the other tower. This will split your opponent's attention and you'll get a crown one way or another.

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Last modified: 12, 09, 2017

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