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Giant Witch Musk Deck for Arena 4

The Giant is still useful in Arena 4. This deck is well-balanced and can still help you climb your way up to Arena 5.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on May 8, 2017.
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Even with the Hog Rider being available in Arena 4, the Giant is still capable of helping you through. On this deck, you will still practice the most basic strategy in the game - Beatdown. This deck will provide you a tanker, support, spells, and building that you will need in order to beat your foes with legendaries or not in the P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse.


As mentioned in the Overview, this deck is balanced. It has the Giant as your tanker, the Witch, and the Musketeer as support, Knight and Minions for defense, the Cannon for luring, and Spells that you can deploy in times of need. By practicing what you've learned from the previous arenas using the same strategy - Beatdown, you can easily conquer your foes and win the battle.

Giant Witch Musk Deck:

Arrows Cannon Fireball Giant
arrows.png cannon.png fireball.png giant.png
Knight Minions Musketeer Witch
knight.png minions.png musketeer.png witch.png

Card Roles:

  • Arrows - As Zap spell is not yet available in Arena 4, you can use Arrows instead. It can clearly eliminate low HP units such as Skeleton Army, Goblins, Spear Goblins if your Witch's firepower is not enough in countering them.
  • Cannon - This building will act as a lure and at the same time deal damage to any incoming enemy.
  • Fireball - A great push destroyer. It can also get rid of any troops countering your Giant push.
  • Giant - Your main tanker. His huge HP pool will shield your Witch and your Musketeer from harm. He will also deal most of the damage on a Tower if both of your supports are busy.
  • Knight - The Knight will protect your base while the troops are lured by the Cannon. He can also act as a mini-tanker for a cheaper Giant at 3 elixirs.
  • Minions - The Inferno Tower is this deck's biggest weakness. Take it out with these fast moving Minions.
  • Musketeer - Her great fire power and range can easily deal with both the air and ground units.
  • Witch - Her splash damage can deal also deal both air and ground. She can easily take out Skeleton Army without the use of the Arrows.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to place either the Witch or the Musketeer at the back of the King Tower first. Upon reaching the first crown tower or just before she reach the bridge, drop the Giant in front. You can add either the remain Witch/Musketeer to the push. You can also deploy the the Minions on the bridge to help clear any counters.


On offense, start the Knight to check what cards your opponent have. After deploying the Knight, follow it up with either the Witch or the Musketeer. Just before this combo reaches the bridge, drop the Giant in front of them. Add the remaining Witch or Musketeer and the Minions for a good and powerful push.


On defense, you can use the Cannon to lure your opponents to the middle of your base to cause damage and lure them towards the middle. It only costs 3 elixirs and these incoming units can be taken out by your Tower Archers. If the Tower Archer's fire power isn't enough, you can put down the Musketeer or the Witch to get rid of them and then prepare to do a counter push by using the Giant just before they cross the bridge.

Additional Tip:

You can use the Giant to lure the foe's units away from your base. While they are lured by the Giant get rid of them with either your Muskteer/Witch/Knight and then start with another counter-push.


The usual weakness of a beatdown deck is the Inferno Tower. If your opponent drops one, use the Minions to get rid of it easily.

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The Giant is indeed one of the best cards in the game. He will help you climb up the Arenas from the Training Camp up to the Legendary Arena and even in Leagues. You can easily pair him with other support units but make sure to help him clear the way as he only focuses on Buildings and Towers.

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Last modified: 9, 05, 2017

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