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Giant Sparky Double Strategy Deck for Arena 9
Let us bring back the Giant + Sparky friendship with this two strategies you can use with this deck!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on July 17, 2017.
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Overview & Strength:

Clash With Ash is using his F2P account and finally unlocked two legendaries, the Sparky and the Ice Wizard. Typically, the Sparky is placed behind the Giant but CWA uses the Sparky as a decoy while he pushes the other lane with his Giant.

The strength of this deck comes from the two strategies you can use. You can do the usual Giant + Sparky push for that classic feel or a split push. It is kind of scary leaving Sparky unattended so your opponent will have to spend his elixirs to counter it while leaving your Giant along with other units to deal damage.

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Bridge Spam Deck:

Barbarians Elixir Collector Giant Ice Wizard
barbarians.png elixir_collector.png giant.png ice_wizard.png
Mega Minion Minions Sparky Zap
mega-minion.png minions.png sparky.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Barbarians - You can split them at the back of the King Tower or have all four of them counter the usual Elite Barbarians or other tanky units.
  • Elixir Collector - This deck costs 4.1 average elixirs. This will help you gather enough elixirs to continue pushing.
  • Giant - Your Sparky shield. You can also make him to do a split push on the other lane.
  • Ice Wizard - If your Zap is not strong enough to stop the Minion Horde, the Ice Wizard will finish the job. He will also slow things down for your Sparky's consumption.
  • Mega Minion - Pair it with either your Sparky or Giant. Great support card.
  • Minions - Graveyard stopper. The dawn of the Graveyard is coming back, Minions are the usual counter.
  • Sparky - She demands attention. If left unattended, she can easily destroy a tower.
  • Zap - Use this against Inferno Towers hindering your Giant or the usual cheap swarm troops.

Legendary Alternatives:

  • Sparky - This is one of the main card in the deck. It is hard to replace this card. You can, however, change it to the Battle Ram but the result may vary.
  • Ice Wizard - You can change it to the regular Wizard to deal AoE damage.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is your usual Giant + Sparky push. You'll deploy your Sparky at the back of the king tower and then the Giant once she's almost at the bridge. Have either a Mega Minion or Minions as support.

To do a split push, put down the Sparky at the back of your king tower. Your opponent will think that you will do another Giant Sparky push so he will counter that lane, BUT you will place the Giant at the bridge on the other lane together with your Minions or Mega Minions. The other player will now have to choose which side he needs to counter.


Same as the ideal strategy. If you have your Barbarians in your starting hand, place them at the back of your king tower to split them. This will let you know what counter cards your opponent has. Drop the Sparky at the back too and then just before she reaches the bridge, drop the Giant. Follow up with Minions or Mega Minion. For your second push, do the same thing but this time, place the Sparky at the back towards the other lane. Do not put down the Giant in front of her this time but place a Mega Minion or Minions instead. Drop the Giant on the other lane to do a split push.


You have your Barbarians for tanky units. The Ice Wizard is also there against air troops together with the Minions and Mega Minion. You can also use the Sparky for chunky units such as Golems, Giants, Royal Giants, and P.E.K.K.A.


As I've played this deck myself, the ultimate weakness of this deck is Electro Wizard and Inferno Tower. It is quite hard to counter these two. But you can use the Minions and the Zap spell against the Inferno Tower and the Barbarians against the Electro Wizard.

Facing a swarm bait deck is also this deck's weakness. You only have zap as a counter so you should use it wisely. If you can still use your units to counter, please do and save your Zap.


Clash With Ash is using his F2P deck in the Jungle Arena and he can easily get three crowns! You can start the video on 10:51.


I played this deck 10 times in my own ladder matches. To tell you the truth, I am not a Sparky user. This deck got 5 wins - 2 draw - 3 losses. The losses are from Zap bait decks and the 2 draws is from decks with Electro Wizard and Inferno Tower. As a Sparky Noob, I can prove that this deck works wonders. I noticed that I don't use the Elixir Collector often so I might change it for a Fireball.

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Last modified: 19, 07, 2017

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