Use this deck strategy to to exhaust your opponent's elixir, driving them to contemplate leaving the match.


There are many different incarnations of the Skeleton in Clash Royale. But what happens when you put them together? Throw them into the same deck and you can easily overwhelm your enemies, even if you're taking on a Skeleton Army. Try this deck out and dominate in Arenas 2 and 3. The Giant Skeleton is an excellent unit to help drive the enemy back with it's high HP and the 100% chance of a bomb drop.

This is my own personal deck and it help me reach Arena 3 and continue climbing up.


This deck heavily utilizes the Giant Skeleton as a main tank, relying on lower-cost cards for support. At level 1, the Giant Skeleton possesses an HP of 2000. This allows it to take the brunt of the damage coming from the enemy.

Because the Giant Skeleton cannot target air units, it is crucial to the strategy to provide air defense. This will help the Giant Skeleton advance to the enemy towers. Thanks to the low elixir cost, it is possible to push a swarm at the enemy.

Skeleton Deck for Arena 2 and 3:

Bomber Arrows Skeletons Giant Skeleton
bomber.png arrows.png skeletons.png giant_skeleton.png
Musketeer Baby Dragon Spear Goblins Knight
musketeer.png baby_dragon.png spear_goblins.png knight.png

Card Roles:

Average Elixir cost: 3.5

Bomber - Used to deliver additional damage from a safe distance when able. It can also destroy ground units without armor.

Arrows - This card helps to destroy low HP units and deal more damage to a tower about to fall.

Skeletons - Mostly for distraction. Attack speed can help when taking down a distracted tank unit.

Giant Skeleton - Takes on role of a tank for the deck. It is used to push the line, but can also provide defense for towers.

Musketeer/Spear Goblins - Provides AA (anti-air) support for tank units, and also provides defense for pushing forward

Baby Dragon - Provides air-support for ground units, and backup for the advance of tank units.

Knight - Mini tank. Provides defense for the towers and also for the advancing Giant Skeleton.

Battle Strategy:

At the start of the match, drop down a low-cost card if able. Wait for your elixir to fill up to 10. Drop down the Giant Skeleton if you can. The enemy will use up quite a bit of elixir trying to defend against it.

Once the Giant Skeleton is down, drop your Spear Goblins or Musketeer behind him. This will cover his advance against enemy air units. This will give your unit a greater chance of reaching the tower. If you have enemy Minions or Spear Goblins giving you trouble, take them out with Arrows.

Depending on the rotation of cards, you may be able to deploy a second Giant Skeleton behind the first. This will frustrate the enemy at having to deal with another one. While the second Giant Skeleton advances, provide a bit of support once again, even with Skeletons. This will give you a small buffer zone. With your opponent distracted from one side, deploy as many of the low-cost cards as you can on the opposite side. This forces the other player to defend from both sides, making it nearly impossible to defend both towers at the same time. Once the match counts down to the last 60 seconds, it's simply a matter of who wants it more.


A major weakness of this deck can be a Tesla tower. Because the Giant Skeleton is wired to attack the closest tower, it will go there first, allowing enemy towers to wear down its HP. The Huts Deck Strategy can also take down this deck if a proper defense is not used. Barbarians are also able to down the Giant Skeleton if there is no support to back him up.

Related Deck Strategies:

Hog Rider + Giant Skeleton Deck for Arena 5 to 7


Here comes a Hog Rider deck with the help of the Giant Skeleton's power; wrecking and kicking effectively from Arena 5 to 7.

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Lightning spell may cost more than half of a full elixir, but it sure is worth it.

An effective strategy for Arena 6. Despite the high cost of Lightning, it will be worth it to cover the advance of your Giant Skeleton.

It's always fun using the Giant Skeleton for many different jobs, including but not limited to, distracting swarms long enough for them to be taken out.

Though this deck isn't as effective as most for an aggressive advance, it is excellent for defending your own towers. Even if you can't get crowns, it'll be nearly impossible for your enemy to get them too. During the last few seconds, though, it is sometimes possible to deliver utter devastation.

Is this similar to the strategy you use? Have you found something a bit more effective? Let us know in the comments.


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