This straight out-of-an old Halloween movie is causing terror in Clash Royale world! With a humongous bomb that drops when this giant flops, it can obliterate your tower to pieces! Or it can flick away those nasty hordes in a flash! Giant or a Giant Skeleton tankers, these two are the bomb! With or without one that is! The Giant Skeleton is unlockable in Bone Pit, Arena 2.


Just like his brother - the Giant, he is a single target, melee troop with high HP. He holds a huge, we mean huuge bomb! It drops it when he dies, dealing damage to everyone within the bomb's radius.


The Giant Skeleton has moderate attack damage. Subsequently, it cannot target air-troops, allowing the likes of the Baby Dragon, Minions, and Minion Horde to kill him in no time.

Popular Giant Skeleton Decks:

The Giant Skeleton is really great to use with most Clash Royale Decks and today, I'll show you how, when, why, and what's the perfect deck to use a Giant Skeleton with.

The Giant Skeleton Deck ensures that he'll bring the opponents down with him with certainty.

Here comes a Hog Rider deck with the help of the Giant Skeleton's power; wrecking and kicking effectively from Arena 5 to 7.

Guide your Giant Skeleton to reach your targeted tower through the help of the Valkyrie + Freeze Spell! Here's a deck that can be used in Arena 6 and 7.

How To Counter The Giant Skeleton:

As mentioned aerial troops can kill the Giant Skeleton efficiently. Also, building troops like the Inferno Tower will make sure it does not reach your tower.


His existence must not be ignored since he can bomb your tower once he reached it. Its tank and damage is fair enough to make a huge difference in the result of a battle.


Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Targets Cost Count Rarity Type
1.5 sec Medium 1 sec Melee Ground 6 x1 Epic Troop

Level Hitpoint Damage Damage per second Death Damage Card Gold Experience
1 2,000 100 66 720 1 N/A N/A
2 2,200 110 73 792 2 400 25
3 2,420 121 80 871 4 1,000 50
4 2,660 133 88 957 10 2,000 100
5 2,920 146 97 1,051 20 4,000 200
6 3,200 160 106 1,152 50 8,000 400
7 3,520 176 117 1,267 100 20,000 800
8 3,860 193 128 1,389 200 50,000 1,600

Last modified: 26,06,2018

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  • His last buff really gave him the leverage to go back in the arena. Good one! :) -- 08:14, 15 November 2016 (UTC)
  • He is great. I am in arena 8 (yes I know, below the average player) and he is great when people underestimate his bomb range. His health is the only real issue, especially because I use ice wizard for splash attack, and sometimes valkyrie, so if they have a valkyrie in their deck, and they put it between my wizard and giant skeleton, it is hard to counter. On the bright side, people have a habit of counter it with more than 6 elixir, which is weird, because the bomb kills everything that is in the way. -- 05:12, 15 November 2016 (UTC)
  • giant skeleton lumberjack -- 13:35, 24 October 2016 (UTC)
  • Arena 8 -- 15:05, 17 October 2016 (UTC)