Combining the Giant Skeleton and Barrel as a strategy is one smart way to play!


Now this Giant SkeleBarrel Deck Strategy is very annoying when used against you because you'd have to watch your tower go down, several times when you're unfortunate. However, it is rather an effective one when you use them yourself. Sometimes winning requires you to be a little mischievous, like the Goblin Barrel.


The strength of this deck is that the defense units are low-cost cards. In this way, the defense can easily be deployed when needed. Striking against the towers should be at the precise moment, so your enemy may assume that he'll get the victory and may drop all he can to push offense. On the contrary, you also have great defense and a tricky offense so he will be surprised with that.

The Giant SkeleBarrel Deck:

Giant Skeleton Goblin Barrel Arrows Minions
Giant Skeleton Goblin Barrel Arrows Minions
Barbarians Skeletons Archers Spear Goblins
Barbarians Skeletons Archers Spear Goblins

Card Roles:

Spear Goblins- This is a cheap card for distraction and swarm purposes (if needed)

Archers- This is your primary support against enemies from afar, even against aerial troops.

Skeletons- This is primarily used for cycling and support defense.

Barbarians- This is for forcing the enemy to play inefficient cards and taking down average HP troops.

Minions- Spawn them on top of or in front of Baby Dragons and Balloons respectively. Also, it is used both defensively and offensively and can be substituted with the Minion Horde

Arrows- Your best defense against swarm troops.

Giant Skeleton- The main tanker and purely for offense since it deals with great damage to any troops. It can also be used for defense in desperate situations.

Goblin Barrel- This is used offensively. In this deck, it should be dropped together with the Giant Skeleton.

Battle Strategy:

At the beginning, wait for your 10 elixirs so you can get ready to drop down at least two of your cards.

Defend your grounds by dropping defensive units and while the enemy continuously drops most of his troops. Once you infer that he's low on elixir, drop down your Giant Skeleton.

If you're lucky that your Giant Skeleton reaches the enemy tower with still a lot of health, place your Goblin Barrel on the target tower. If the enemy has still not defended his tower against that, you got your first crown. If he successfully defended, then keep calm and defend yourself from his troops now.

You can use Skeletons + Spear Goblins where the Skeletons are your meat shield and the Spear Goblins does the damage.

You can also do Archer + Barbarian combo for when the enemy drops down high HP troops. Also, you can save these two cards for emergency defense situations.

During double elixir time, it'll be much easier for you to do another cycle of Giant Skeleton + Goblin Barrel combo (enemy will be expected to focus targeting your Giant Skeleton), and still be ready for defense.


Timing is a weakness to a lot of deck strategies, and this is one of those strategies. Since you have a lot of multiple unit troops, when you dropped them in the wrong time, your units may not be useful and get killed instantly. Also, since your tanker and offense is the Giant Skeleton, you may be bound to fail when your enemy uses a lot of multiple unit troops. That's why you wait at the beginning of the match to see his cards. In this way, you will know whether you should push for offense or stay on defense.

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