Offense is the great defense! We've found a deck that prioritizes offensive play-style that is also low in average elixir cost.


Arenas 4 and above consist of different types of new decks. Having a deck with low-average elixir cost would be efficient in matches. This is the reason we like to feature this deck that consists of low elixir cost troops that you can use well in matches.

This deck is created by Der_Ant from Reddit. According to him, this deck pushed his trophies from less than 1000 - 1862 and counting! (He also nicknamed this deck as the Giant Poppin' Party Deck, probably because everyone goes after the Giant)


The strength of this deck is from how you will formulate your offensive strategy. The cards on this deck are perfect for offense and support. They are also spammable due to their low-elixir-costs. Once you've created a strategy with the cards in your hand, winning wouldn't be a problem.

Giant Poppin' Party Deck:

Archers Bomber Arrows Hog Rider
archers.png bomber.png arrows.png hog_rider.png
Baby Dragon Skeleton Army Giant Goblin Barrel
baby_dragon.png skeleton_army.png giant.png goblin_barrel.png

Card Roles:

Archers: High-level Archers have decent amount of HP and can take out aerial and ground troops from afar.

Possible Replacements: Minions, Spear Goblins, Minion Horde

Bomber: The Bomber is the perfect support for tanks that lack speed like the Giant. The Bomber can take out MOBs like Skeleton Armies and Spear Goblins that are trying to take out your Giant. Possible Replacements: Bomb Tower, Fireball

Arrows: The troops in this deck can be countered easily by swarm decks like Skeleton Armies and Minion Hordes. The Arrow is a great counter to them. It can also create a positive Elixir trade. Possible Replacements: Any other offensive spell card.

Hog Rider: Perfect offensive troop. The Hog Rider has decent amount of HP, has high DPS, and prioritizes buildings rather than troops. Not to mention that he is also quick and can take out crown towers easily if left ignored. Possible Replacements: Prince, Balloon, Mini Pekka

Baby Dragon: A great aerial support troop. Baby Dragons have decent amount of HP to even survive a direct hit from a Fireball. They also deal a huge amount of splash damage which is perfect for swarm troops.

Skeleton Army: If your enemy uses troops with high amounts of HP like Giants, or troops that deal tons of damage like the Prince, the Skeleton Army is the perfect counter for them. Possible Replacements: Tombstone, Barbarians

Giant: You would think a Giant is only great for defense. But they can actually be a great offensive troop with the right support cards.

Goblin Barrel: Goblin Barrel is a fun spell card. Toss out a barrel that damages a building that it hits and brings out three Goblins to attack that building. It's a great support card to help out your other troops to take out crown towers. Possible Replacements: Any other offensive troop.

Deck Strategy:

As a basic method in Clash Royale, always wait until you have 10 Elixirs before you drop down any troop. After that, drop down the Giant at the back of the tower. Wait until you replenish the elixir to drop more. If there is no Giant yet, try with a low elixir troop.This deck can counter almost any troop so you can focus easily on offense than defense. Once you get a Giant down, the perfect combo would be with the Hog Rider. These two can take out crown towers immediately because they prioritize buildings.

Support cards depend on how you can give more offense to protect your key troops.If you want a perfect pushing combo, then get a Giant, a Hog Rider, and a Baby Dragon in the Arena. The Baby Dragon can protect/assist the Giant and Hog from the sky while the two attack the arena towers. You don't have to worry if you run out of elixir for a counter because most of your cards have low-elixir-cost. If they use a building like a Bomber Tower to distract your Giant and Hog Rider then you can use a Baby Dragon/Archers to destroy it.

If you reach the 60-second mark, then this is the time where you can spam your deck for a more effective push. You have Bombers and Arrows for a great counter and a Hog Rider for easy pushes.

Deck Weakness:

Now, all decks have their own weakness. This deck's weakness would be Huts Deck or Building Decks. These type of decks can distract your main offensive troops (the Giant and Hog rider). This makes them vulnerable to back attacks or from arena towers.

X-Bows can be critical if ignored or paired with other defenses. If it's defended by a Minion Horde, then your Arrows can take care of them. Your Giant/Hog Rider should take down the X-Bow before it becomes functional. Also, if you encounter these counter decks, make it a priority to defend rather than attack.

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_____ Live update: This deck has got my from ~1000 to now 1862 trophies. Win-Tie-Loss ratio with this deck (25-2-5) _____ Hey guys! Me again -...

Special thanks to the deck creator who shared this on Reddit.


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