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Effective Giant Loon Ram Deck For Arena 11

Smash and conquer! Let the Giant + Balloon + Battle Ram combo help push your trophies up to the top!
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Do you not feel like playing cheap cycle decks and decide to go on the slow push side? Then this heavy deck will help you reach the 4000+ trophies if played well! Let us teach you how to utilize this set of cards originally from Clasher GanonKiller, the Giant Ram Loon Deck for Arena 11.


This deck heavily relies on the Balloon with the Giant or Battle Ram combos. With these cards intact, controlling an incoming attack, e.g Elite Barbarians mashup will have a trouble reaching your tower. Giant Ram Loon Deck can deal fairly well against Bait or Swarm Decks. Support cards can also be used in defending and making a strong counter later on. Slow push and Hog Rider decks will have a hard time fighting this set of cards, as well.

Giant Ram Loon Deck:

Giant Balloon Battle Ram Ice Wizard
giant.png balloon.png Battle_Ram.png ice_wizard.png
Archers The Log Arrows Tombstone
archers.png TheLog.png arrows.png tombstone.png

Card Roles:

  • Giant: Your deck's tank. Use this card mainly for tower push purposes. Pair it with the Balloon if possible, and/or support it with the Ice Wizard or Archers as well.
  • Balloon: The Balloon will be your deck's strong support. Though it will be hard for it to reach the enemy's tower, supporting it further will help it a lot. If possible, team it up with the Giant. You can also try to pair this flying monster with the Battle Ram.
  • Battle Ram: The Battle Ram can act as a support and/or decoy of this deck. It can lure deadly troops like the Elite Barbarians, Mini P.E.K.K.A and the like. They can also serve as the Balloon's mini tank and will distract counter units fairly.
  • Ice Wizard: Use the Ice Wizard to support your main units. You can also use him while defending your base. You can use it to big tanks like the Lava Hound, P.E.K.K.A and much more. Slowing the enemy's troops down will help your towers receive less damage.
  • Archers: Use the Archers for further support in your team. They can help your pushing team by placing them in a good distance to avoid splash damage. Deploying them for defense is handy, too.
  • The Log: Use this spell to eliminate horde of troops (e.g Skarmies, Goblin Gang) in a snap. You can also use this to chip in damage towards the enemy's tower(s).
  • Tombstone: The Tombstone is use in both defense and support. Let the Skeletons help your team to distract or chip in damage against targets. Lure any incoming units like the Hog Rider, Elite Barbarians and some of the most used cards today by planting this card.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Plant the Tombstone early after collecting 10 elixirs. By doing this, you will likely force your enemy to play their deadly combo. Prepare for defense and turn your next move into a counter push later on.

If the enemy tries to attack you with a bunch of bait cards, prepare your Arrows and/or The Log to counter them quick. Casting the spells might require great timing, so you must be careful all the time. Incoming Hog Riders or Elite Barbarians will be distracted by your planted Tombstone. Support it with the Ice Wizard to lower their attacks and HP down swift. Once you defend your lair, prepare to launch your Giant preferably with Balloon and Battle Ram as well.

Place the Giant behind your King Tower. Wait until your enemy drops a counter. It is either a unit or a defensive tower. If they tend to stop you by troops, you can drop the Balloon with the Battle Ram if possible. Make sure to place the Ram in front of the Giant and the Balloon at the back of him. Wait for your spells to be ready, and cast them if in need. Limit yourself in casting spells in this phase. You might need extra elixir later on if the enemy tries to pressure you through a counter push.

If an incoming push is seen, drop the Ice Wizard near your crown tower. If a splash damager is behind their main unit, try to cycle the Battle Ram if possible. You can do this by dropping the Tombstone early. Try your best to split the target of their main tank (e.g Giant) and the Splasher. Distract it depending on the cards you hold. Wait until you collect enough elixir to make the next move.

Aside from having the Giant Loon combo, aim to have the Balloon and Battle Ram in your hands. By this, you can force the enemy to drop their counter troops early. You can bait them with this move leaving your Giant with fewer counters available later on. Support your Giant with the Ice Wizard and spells afterwards.

In the last minute of the game, try to control the game by letting your enemy initiates a push. Make a strong counter-push out of it to increase the chance of getting a crown in the last 60 seconds.


This deck might find difficulty in playing against a lot of splashers. Decks with the Inferno Tower may also be a challenge to deal with. Air decks are also a pain in the neck.

If you find these decks hard to play with, refrain from dropping the Balloon. Balloon costs 5 elixir and could only bring burden in your team. Try to control the game by deploying your supporting units. Try to create a pressure by using the Giant. But this depends on the situation and the game plan of your enemy. Think first and read the enemy's cycle of cards and elixir count.


Special thanks to GanonKiller for this featured deck!

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This deck is best, especially if players are used with slow push decks. Playing Giant with Balloon or Balloon with Battle Ram is kind of fresh and exciting. In today's meta, the Battle Ram is rarely seen in the higher arena. Putting the Battle Ram in the limelight will help other players consider it as a strong card in the future.

I am waiting for the Heal Spell and will definitely try to use it with this deck. I may replace The Log if ever.

Last modified: 16, 03, 2017

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