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Giant Lightning Beatdown Deck for Arena 11
A good heavy beatdown deck with two splashers, Tornado, and a Lightning spell for a GG-Well Played game.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 25, 2017.
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Overview and Strength:

This deck is currently Tobi SpiritHawk's deck and featured by Chief Pat. It has an average elixir of 3.9 but this is because of the Lightning's 6 elixirs. It also has three tanky units, the Giant, Bowler, and the Baby Dragon. The strategy is just like your basic beatdown where you stack your splash units behind your Giant.

The strength of this deck is its almost unstoppable force. You can always do a quick push with your counter units even if you don't have your Giant in hand. You also have the Tornado and the Lightning for an easy disposal of the opponent's defense.

Giant Lightning Beatdown Deck:

Baby Dragon Bowler Electro Wizard Giant
baby_dragon.png Bowler.png ElectroWizardCard.png giant.png
Goblins Lightning The Log Tornado
goblins.png lightning.png TheLog.png tornado.png

Card Roles:

  • Baby Dragon - Your air splasher. You can also partner it with the Tornado. Put it behind your Giant for support.
  • Bowler - Use him as a counter for most ground units. Your deck formula should be Giant + Bowler + etc
  • Electro Wizard - Resets any Infernos trying to stop your heavy push. His drop damage also helps chipping HP.
  • Giant - Your deck's main tanker. You can place him at the bridge or do a slow push by dropping him at the back of your king tower.
  • Goblins - They can lure at the same time take care of units such as the Hog Rider if you already have the Bowler down with your Giant.
  • Lightning - A very powerful spell that can also target a tower. Use it against an incoming push. Make sure to have a positive elixir trade.
  • The Log - Pushes back units and can squish low HP troops if your Bowler is distracted.
  • Tornado - Spell that can help you get rid of counters and pushes. Use it together with your Splash units.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The Ideal Strategy of this deck is to have your Giant tank for your Bowler + Baby Dragon. This is a 14 Elixir push that totally finishes a tower. You can then use the Tornado to clear any disturbances and then drop another Giant if you can for a Three Crown Win. But this is of course, if your opponent doesn't try pushing himself. Don't go all in for a push if you think the opponent will still try to do a sneaky push. A Giant + Bowler is already a tough push to beat.


Start really slow, drop your cheap units first if the opponent doesn't start his own push. Put down your Bowler either in front or at the back of your King Tower and just before he reaches the bridge, drop the Giant in front. Have your Tornado or Zap handy. Sometimes, if you have the Baby Dragon in cycle, the better.


On defense, your Bowler is the main counter unit. The Goblins are there to distract and then use your splash troops. You can also use your Lightning if the opportunity arises. But before you use this heavy spell, make a quick calculation if it's going to be a positive elixir trade for you.


I've played this deck 7 times in my own ladder matches in Arena 10 - Hog Mountain. Out of the 7 games, my record is 4-1-2 (W-D-L). I don't mind having draw but the 2 losses I got was from decks with the Minion Horde. This is because of miscalculations. I was thinking that they're going to use their Minion Horde to counter my Giant + Bowler so I put the Baby Dragon along with the push. They went the other lane with the Horde and lost a tower. If you think that the opponent is equipped with the Horde, keep the Baby Dragon.


Watch Chief Pat use this deck in Arena 11 - Legendary Arena against meta decks. He also lost to a Spell Bait deck, check out how he lost and he will also explain how to deal with that kind of decks.

Final Overview:

This deck is really solid. Once you have the Giant + Bowler combo, it is almost unstoppable even if there's an Inferno Tower. What will happen is, the Giant will destroy it leaving your Bowler do a free boulder bash towards his/her tower. The Lightning spell is pretty useful too if you can time it correctly. It can chip a lot of damage to his/her tower and at the same time trashes his/her units.

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Last modified: 29, 08, 2017

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