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The Giant + Hog Rider is gaining popularity, again! Here’s another awesome deck for this perfect duo with the stinky Poison Spell!


These past few weeks, the Hog + Giant combo is becoming visible again in higher Clash Royale arenas. This mighty combo consists a perfect blending of HP and damage at the same time. Let’s see how the Poison Spell will be worthy enough in making another solid deck with these two well-loved cards.


Deck Strength:

Each card in this Clash Royale deck is strong individually. Because of this, they can be used on either offense or defense. There are plenty of ways to make an effective combo to wreck down a tower. Aside from Hog + Giant duo, you can also create a Hog + Archers/Minions or Valkyrie + Minions and so on. Any swarm troops will be wiped out easily. Countering any kinds of decks is also possible.

Giant Hog + Poison Deck — Arena 7 & 8:

Giant Hog Rider Archers Valkyrie
giant.png hog_rider.png archers.png valkyrie.png
Minions Cannon Poison Spell Zap
minions.png cannon.png poison.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Giant: The Giant’s ultimate soaking power meets the building wrecker, the Hog Rider. Drop him accordingly to use his full potential to knock down a tower easily. His base damage is also strong, making him a big threat if ignored.
  • Hog Rider: The Hog Rider’s ability is strong enough to severely damage a targeted tower. Use this card with any available troops for a nice support. Use Zap to help them if in need.
  • Archers: The Archers can deal a lot of damage and can take out almost any kind of troops in a matter of seconds. For only 3 elixirs, these girls provide nice support to your Hog or Giant. They can also be used for defense.
  • Valkyrie: Her splash damage is very effective against ground units. She can handle ample damage as she spins and kills those pesky troops within her range. The Valkyrie can also be used as a main demolisher of the tower with the help of your Minions or Archers.
  • Minions: They are in charge of dealing with any kinds of troops, air or ground. Best used against beefy tanks to deliver good damage weakening them throughout the battle. These guys can also be used as a distraction to cancel a possible push.
  • Cannon: For only 3 elixirs, this building card can abort a planned push in your base. Support this with your other troops to easily annihilate its target. Make sure to place them accordingly in your lair.
  • Poison Spell: One of the most essential card in this deck. The Poison Spell is in charge of dealing with any kinds of troops killing them all softly. Its stinky smell will also slow them in every aspect as their HP goes down. Best used against horde of troops in defending a tower. Also a nice spell to deal with any counter troops visible to stop your push.
  • Zap: The Zap Spell costs only 2-elixir making it one of the most used spell cards in Clash Royale. You can drop this to severely damage horde of troops like the Minions. Can also be utilized to help out your pushing troops. Drop it timely for a best kind of support.

Clash Royale Strategy:

In the first minute of the game, drop your Hog Rider with the Archers or Minions. Let your elixir loads up to make a counter move in any kinds of troops that will wreck your tower. Drop your Valkyrie if a set of troops are incoming. Support her with your Minions to quickly annihilate all of them. Wait until your elixir is enough to make another push combo to pressure your enemy. If ever that your enemy drops a beefy tank, prepare your Cannon and place it accordingly. In this situation, you will be needing your Poison Spell to slow down any troops within that tank troop. Wisely drop your counter troops if the Poison Spell did not take them all out. Let your cards cycle within the first two minutes of the game. Once you defended your base successfully, do a Hog combo push to somehow damage their crown tower.

If your enemy is running an Elixir Collector deck, take it out with your Poison Spell. Place your Poison within the range of the crown tower and troops/building if there's any.

Once the game reaches the final minute, drop your Giant behind your King Tower. Prepare and drop the Poison Spell to counter anything that will stop your offensive move. This will not only help you wipe those but can make an early cycle of cards for this to be available again in this push. Immediately drop your Valkyrieonce your Giant reaches the bridge. Support them with your Archers and Minions behind to establish stronger damage. Once you did this, we are pretty sure that the Giant card is available again. Drop it in front of your supporting troops, then let your Hog Rider roll to help them out. Use the Poison Spell to kill anything within range and watch how your Giant and Hog Rider wreck their tower. Make sure to have spare elixir to defend your base afterward.

Deck Weakness:

It will be challenging to defend against high-level troops. It will also be difficult when dealing with a deck with so many counters against low HP troops. For example, an [Pure Defensive Royal Giant Deck for Arena 7|RG deck]] with Goblins and Fire Spirits. These types of cards can kill your counter troops easily. This will leave you empty handed to defend against their tank. Once you knew their deck, place your own troops in different places to avoid your troops being killed at the same time.


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This deck focuses on early tower knockdown and also gives a good control to counter your enemies. If played nicely, you will get those trophies in a fun way without using any legendary cards to reach Arena 8.

Special thanks to Ash for this featured deck!

Last modified: 6,01,2017



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