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Giant Gravy Cart For Arena 10

Swarm and splash with this Giant Beatdown Deck designed for the Hog Arena and Challenges.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on July 30,2017.
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Overview & Strength:

Mixing the drag and splash combo, learn how to play this Slow-Push deck with the the Cannon Cart.

The decks is strong against Hog Rider, Bait/Swarm Cycle and Slow Push Decks.

Giant Gravy Cart For Arena 10:

Cannon Cart Giant Graveyard Executioner
cannon_cart.png giant.png graveyard-card.png executioner.png
Mega Minion Goblins Tornado Fireball
2016-12-09-03-31-33-mega-minion.png goblins.png tornado.png fireball.png

Card Roles:

  • Cannon Cart - Support and Wrecker. Place the Cart behind your Giant or can also serve as a distraction for your Graveyard push. You can also deploy this during defense.
  • Giant - Main Tower Knocker. Deploy this unit and support it as always for a higher chance of reaching and smashing his target.
  • Graveyard - Swarm Pushers. Cast the Graveyard on or before the Giant/Cannon Cart crosses the bridge on the enemy's tower.
  • Executioner - Swarm Swiper. Deploy the Executioner to kill and/or weaken a group of troops on sight. Best unit with the Tornado Spell.
  • Mega Minion - Air Support. Deploy the Mega Minion mainly to support your Giant. It can also play a vital role during defense. Place it above ground threats such as the Valkyrie, Knight, or the Hog Rider.
  • Goblins -Additional Ground Support/Distractor. Deploy the Stabby Goblins to lure or kite incoming units. They can also do a lot of damage against towers if left ignored.
  • Tornado - Drag and Devastate. Cast this spell to gather all units in a single spot. Let the Executioner or your Fireball defeat these threats in a single blow. You can also use this in dragging a Miner, Goblins from the Barrel or the Hog Rider directly to your King Tower. Let them activate it for your additional building defense.
  • Fireball - Splash and Annihilate. Cast the Fireball to kill/weaken a bunch of troops at once. Can take down dying towers as well.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to have the Giant, Executioner, and Cannon Cart in a single push. Once the enemy set up his counter cards, cast the Tornado to drag them and let the Executioner kill those. Prepare the Graveyard and cast in above the targeted tower for a stronger pressure.


During this phase, you can use the Giant with Executioner, Giant with Graveyard or with the Mega Minion. For some other strategies, you can also have the Cannon Cart and the Graveyard mash-up. These squads are alternative but we strongly suggest that you need to have our ideal strategy/team-up into reality for a stronger push.

You can also have the Goblins rolling once your main squad crossed the river. Their presence will bring a lot of pressure if the enemy uses their splash counters already.


In defense, you can have the Executioner behind the Crown Tower. His ability to take down a swarm of units is one of the best. If possible, use the Tornado to drag threats in a single spot for him to hit those.

You can have the 2-elixir Goblins in taking down/weakening range units such as the Musketeer, the Witch, or the Wizard. Just make sure to place them around these units to avoid direct splash contact, especially against the Wizard or the Witch.

You can also use the Cannon Cart and the Mega Minion in taking down ground threats. Their damage is superb and is handy if played wisely. The Mega Minion can also deal with air units such as the Baby Dragon or the Inferno Dragon effectively. While the Cannon Cart can distract and/or eliminate units such as the Knight or the Night Witch.

If times are tough, you can use the Giant to soak all the incoming damage. If still viable, use him as your main unit in a counter-push.

Additional Tip:

Play slowly in dropping down your cards. Save elixir to make an epic comeback in each counter-push. This deck is best in counter attack strategies. So it is best to have your trump cards ready in all situations. Once the double elixir starts, you can have these cards rolling altogether.


Splash and decks with the Inferno Tower might be hard to beat. Knowing that you do not have a stun-effect card to reset the Inferno Tower, it will be a challenge to keep your Giant alive for long. To deal with this, have the Goblins or the Mega Minion ready to absorb the initial damage of the Inferno Tower. From there, your support units will likely attack and weaken it over time. While dealing against splash decks (Splashers/Spells) might be tricky, you can still win by pressuring them to use their counters early. Remember, you can cycle back to your cards quick once the 60-second mark starts. Just make sure to have your team rolling starting behind your King Tower.


Special thanks to JUNE for sharing this awesome deck!


This deck is fun yet challenging to use. If you are used in playing a Giant/Graveyard synergy, then this set of cards will be easier to learn. Having the Cannon Cart's power on board will annoy your enemy. Why? Because they will need to counter and distract it either it is alone or with your power troops.

Good luck!

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Last modified: 1, 08, 2017

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