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Giant-Loon Combo Deck For Arena 5 - 6
Go on full offense with this Giant-Balloon Beatdown deck with enough units to answer your opponent's every card.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on July 21, 2017.
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Overview and Strength:

Even after a long time since its debut in the arena, the Giant-Loon is still formidable. Accompanied with the right support units to counter this meta, this deck is for beginners and advanced users a like.

The strength of this card is the combination of your Giant + Balloon. This combo is powerful and very hard to stop. A 10 Elixir push that can wreck through towers and can even give you three crowns.

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Giant-Loon Combo Deck:

Arrows Balloon Barbarians Fire Spirits
arrows.png balloon.png barbarians.png fire_spirits.png
Giant Minions Musketeer Zap
giant.png minions.png musketeer.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Arrows - The usual counter for the Balloon is the Minion Horde. Use this spell to bring them down quickly.
  • Balloon - Win Condition. A couple of hits from this flying bomber can destroy a tower. Place it behind the Giant
  • Barbarians - These four can put a stop to any tanks or pushes made by your foe.
  • Fire Spirits - For just 2 elixirs, they can cover both air and ground. Use this, in case your Arrows is not available.
  • Giant - Win condition. Use him to shield the Balloon away from harm. Tanker.
  • Minions - Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon are this deck's nightmare. Use the Minions to distract them.
  • Musketeer - Your ranged unit. Her fire power is so good that she can bring down a Lava Hound herself then use the Fire Spirits to sweep everything.
  • Zap - This is to reset the Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon, and Sparky. It can also get rid of cheap low HP units.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to have the Giant tank for your Balloon. The rest of your cards are there for support or to counter incoming troops. You don't want to rush in with the Giant - Balloon combo but you need to wait until double elixir time to have your Balloon in the arena. In the mean time, in the first 2 minutes, you can have your Giant together with the Musketeer.


You may want to wait until your opponent starts. Do a slow push by dropping your Musketeer or Giant at the back of your king tower. Just before they reach the bridge place the Giant/Musketeer behind and start your push. You can add additional support such as Minions for those pesky Inferno Towers.

At double elixir time, it is now time to pressure your opponent with your strategy. Drop the Balloon on the same lane as the Giant and have your spells ready.


The Barbarians are made to counter chunky units such as Giants, Golems, PEKKAs, and even a good counter for Hog Rider. They're useful against the Elite Barbarians too. Once you get a good push going, defend your base by placing these four yellow men. For aerial units, you have your spells.


The most common weakness for this deck is the Minion Horde and Inferno Tower. For these two, you have 2 spells and an AoE unit to help you. A PEKKA might also pose a problem. You can use the Barbarians to get rid of her.


Ash features different decks for every arena. If you want to watch this deck in action, you can start at 10:40.


Even after months of debuting the arena, the Giant - Loon is still effective. This time, Ash teaches us not to place the Balloon right away but to wait until double elixir time to surprise your enemy. To be honest, I'm playing almost the same deck on my F2P baby account and it's on level 3 Arena 4 - 5!

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Last modified: 24, 07, 2017

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