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Giant-GB Bait Deck for Arena 9 and Above
A bait deck that has the Giant to give you pushing power and distraction while you deploy your Goblin Barrel and Princess for chip damage.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on July 27, 2017.
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Overview and Strength:

This deck has 3.8 average elixir cost because of the Giant and the Rocket. These two cards are your optional win condition cards. It also has enough defense units that can counter-push for a chip damage.

The strength of this deck comes from baiting out the opponent's The Log with the Princess and the Goblin Gang. You can then make a push with your Goblin Barrel. You can also make a beatdown strategy by using your Giant. You can also use him as a decoy to destroy your enemy's incoming push by planting him on the other lane.

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Giant-GB Bait Deck:

Giant Goblin Barrel Goblin Gang Minion Horde
giant.png goblin_barrel.png Goblin_Gang.png minion_horde.png
Princess Rocket Tombstone Zap
princess.png rocket.png tombstone.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Giant - You can use him to tank and distract or to offset your opponent's incoming push. If you see a heavy tanker such as Golem on the right lane, put him on the left. This will make your opponent spend elixirs in countering him and aborting his incoming push.
  • Goblin Barrel - Main win condition. Use it whenever the opponent uses his The Log, Zap, or Arrows.
  • Goblin Gang - If the opponent is keeping his/her spell card to counter your Goblin Barrel, they can chip in some tower damage. You can also use them for defense.
  • Minion Horde - Main defense card. You can use it together with the Giant.
  • Princess - Bait card. Drop her at the bridge to deal chip damage.
  • Rocket - Optional win condition card. You can also use this whenever the opponent is trying to have a slow push by putting units behind their king tower or crown tower.
  • Tombstone - This defense building is perfect for incoming tower locking units such as Hog Rider or the Battle Ram.
  • Zap - Cheap and effective spell card. Use it wisely.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to bait out the opponent's spells by using the Princess or the Goblin Gang as a decoy. You can start by having the Princess at the bridge or the Goblin Gang. You'll know what counters your opponent has. After testing the waters and the spell has been baited out, use the Goblin Barrel together with the Giant at the bridge. The opponent will lock on to the Giant while the GB continuously stabs the tower thus giving you the win.


Same as the ideal strategy. Start with either the Princess or the Goblin Gang to check what counter cards your opponent has. After baiting it out, use the Giant + Goblin Barrel combo. You can also use the Minion Horde together with your Giant after they do a successful counter. If they use another spell against your Horde, use the Goblin Gang or have another Princess or Goblin Barrel to aim at their tower while the Giant is still tanking.


You have your Tombstone guarding your base. You can use it together with your Goblin Gang. If they, again, use another spell you can then use the Minion Horde and then create a counter-push just by dropping the Giant at the bridge.

Additional Tip:

If they are using a heavy beatdown deck. Try to break their strategy by deploying your Giant to the other lane. This way, they need to use their support cards and spend elixirs to counter him thus rendering their push almost useless.


The weakness of this deck is of course, spells. This is one of those decks that you have to make account of what spells your opponent has or if it is already in their hand. Make sure to play your cards right by calculating if they already have their spell in cycle or not.

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This deck is submitted by Shreyas Eusa to Ash. He/She landed on 4th place in Ash's Most Unique Decks.


Since it's been a month of Clash Royale update drought, players are thinking of ways to still keep the game exciting. With this deck, Shreyas Eusa upgraded the classic bait deck to fit in this meta. It has enough defense and counters to make it work, plus it has the Giant to attract attention. If your gameplay is into bait decks, you may want to try this strategy out.

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Last modified: 14, 09, 2017

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