The Giant is one of the earliest troops you can encounter in Clash Royale. As a testament to his name, he has high HP and is wired to only attacking buildings. If used properly and with support troops behind him, the Giant can easily push a tower or two. The Giant is already unlocked in the Training Camp.


The Giant's high HP can let it absorb all damage from in front of him. It also has a high attack against buildings. Provided there is no counter card, he can take down a single tower alone.


Though he has high attack and HP, the giant is balanced by its incredible slowness. Also, since he can't target troops, he can die easily when a group of low-elixir troops gang up on him.

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How To Counter The Giant:

The Giant, if left alone, can easily be countered by swarm troops like the Skeleton Army. Actually, if you leave the Giant alone, he can be countered by any moving unit.


The Giant is a very great defensive unit, but also a powerful offensive if followed by units with good AOE attacks. He is one of the easiest to get and level up since he is already unlocked from the very beginning.


Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Targets Cost Count Rarity Type
1.5 sec slow 1 sec Melee Buildings 5 x1 Rare Troop

Level Hitpoint Damage Damage per second Card Gold Experience
1 2,000 126 84 1 N/A N/A
2 2,200 138 92 2 50 6
3 2,420 152 101 4 150 10
4 2,660 167 111 10 400 25
5 2,920 183 122 20 1,000 50
6 3,200 201 134 50 2,000 100
7 3,520 221 147 100 4,000 200
8 3,860 243 162 200 8,000 400
9 4,240 267 178 400 20,000 800
10 4,660 293 195 800 50,000 1,600

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