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The Clash Royale Furnace is a new addition to the spawner family. This will make any spam / spawner deck players excited! It spawns two level 3 Fire Spirits every 10 seconds that can take out any ground and air troops. Aside from that, these Fire Spirits can also do splash damage! The Furnace is unlockable in Spell Valley - Arena 5.


Aside from bringing out 2 Fire Spirits every 10 seconds, this Furnace like other huts and buildings can also act as a lure to any incoming troops, thus making your Crown Tower safe. You can also put two or more at the back of your Crown Tower to do a steady stream of Fire Spirits.

Remember, this 5-elixir building costs nothing compared to your Tower. Place them at the right spot.


Their low HP just like other huts like the Goblin Hut is weak against spells like Fireball and Rockets. They can also easily be destroyed by group troops such as Minion Horde or Skeleton Army. This is because they produce Fire Spirits every 10 seconds. You may want to have a counter ready if you want to have this building saved.

How to Counter the Furnace:

2016-05-03-03-47-41-2.jpg How to counter the Furnace in Clash Royale
A good spell like the Rocket or a Fireball can certainly make this Furnace bleed out. You can add splash damaging troops like the Bomber to take it out plus the newly spawned Fire Spirits. The two level 3 Fire Spirits it spawns are no match to a Giant, so he can also be a good counter against this Fire Spirit spawner.

Popular Furnace Decks:

2016-05-03-03-47-41-2.jpg All Huts Furnace Deck For Arena 5!
Because of the newly released Clash Royale cards, it inspired us to create an all huts deck, including the rare Furnace. Want to overwhelm your opponent with Barbs, Spear Gobs, Skeletons, and Fire Spirits? You might want to check out this Clash Royale deck.

Related Deck Strategy:

2016-05-20-08-01-43-huts_deck_strat.png How to Counter Huts Deck
Since the Furnace will be out anytime soon, it will work with just like any Huts Deck Strategy out there. On this deck, try to swap the Poison Spell with this card. Let us see how it will work.
2016-03-24-05-58-31-rDdykvh.png How to win a Clash Royale game with only 23 health left on the King's Tower
You can try to swap the Goblin Hut with the Furnace since they have the same Elixir count. And try to overwhelm your enemy with both Barbs and Fire Spirits.
2016-04-19-11-29-51-gob_barrel_arena_5.png Effective Goblin Barrel Deck for Arena 5
With the main help of your bulky and dangerous troops, your Goblin Barrel will be ignored in some situations. This gives it the time to painfully damage a tower of your choice. With only a few high-rated cards, this deck is surprisingly effective up until Arena 7 in dealing with legendary cards and famous duos.


Are you ready to add the Furnace to your Spawner Clash Royale Deck? The card is Rare and you'll be getting it anytime on Arena 5. Best of luck! Cheers to these new cards!

Deploy Time Cost Rarity Type Spawn Speed Lifetime
1 sec 4 Rare Building 10 sec 40 sec

Level Hitpoint Spear Goblin Level Card Gold Experience
1 700 3 1 N/A N/A
2 770 4 2 50 6
3 847 5 4 150 10
4 931 6 10 400 25
5 1,022 7 20 1,000 50
6 1,120 8 50 2,000 100
7 1,232 9 100 4,000 200
8 1,351 10 200 8,000 400
9 1,484 11 400 20,000 800
10 1,631 12 800 50,000 1,600

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