Hello! This is Forrest your friendly F2P guy! Thank you for visiting this page and I hope you'll get to know about me before you decide to click or tap that "Back", "Close" or "Homepage Button" on your screen. Let's start!

A Bit of Being Personal :

My real name is Tristan and currently living in the land of Sushi.

I was a Former Tech Support before leaving my homeland last year, 2015. I was also a Japanese Language Student somewhere in Tokyo and a part-time writer in Mediacraft and Clash Royalepedia.

Game Life:

I started playing video games since I was 6. I experienced playing Super Mario in the first version of Gameboy and Donkey Kong in my Uncle's Super Famicom. From then, I played Pokemon, Dragon Quest, Wario Land and the rest is history.

I was addicted to a lot of PC games when I was in high school and I know that's the reason why I need to wear eyeglasses today.

Clash Royale Journey:

I started my journey in Clash Royale since the global launch last March 2016. Countless days were used to gain my status today.

I chose the name Forrest because I love the movie, Forrest Gump. And if you do not know that, you better go search it on google. :)

As an F2P, I know the struggles of most of the players. I really don't know, but I do not like spending real money just to become strong to dominate others. I am here to somehow aid your feelings if you are being wrecked, pissed and so on.

I got the Miner from the Silver Chest, the Princess from the Super Magical Chest (Arena 7 for Free!) and the Lumberjack from the Golden Chest. The rest is just for free. :)

Building a nice team/deck is so hard. In my early days, I love spawner decks than the Giant/Hog Rider decks. It made me feel happy seeing bases being wrecked by my troops! *evil laugh*

Now, I am a Hog Rider deck enthusiast. I seldom use RG or Giant in my deck. (I think it just does not seem to fit my gameplay) I accessed Arena 9 (which is Arena 8, back then) when I was level 8. I am a fan of the Hog Rider and it makes me feel happy when it wrecks tower freely.

I'll help you out if you have questions, concerns and violent reactions for the current status of Clash Royale!

I also accept suggestions and any other deck help! Let's make a better place for us F2P in this community and in-game!

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