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How would you like a Clash Royale deck with low health but still get to win some trophies?


When someone says "Arena 5", everyone will instantly think of lots of tankers, towers and other powerful troops combined in one deck. Who wouldn't think of that? Clash Royale Arena 5 is hard to stay in and  obviously hard to get into. But in this deck, we are going to let you into a more practical and simple Clash Royale deck that would probably up your win count.


With 2.5 average elixir, this deck will have elixir advantage over opponents all the time. This is because we expect most players to use combos and decks that cost atleast 3.8 and above. Because the average elixir is low, we are expected to deploy troops faster.

This deck requires each of the cards to be at least a level 7 are 2 levels lower.

Knight-Centric Deck for Arena 5:


Card Roles:

Arrow: This will serve for defense against multiple low-HP troops.

Knight: The Knight will be your main offense card and tanker.

Skeletons: They are very cheap and very efficient against single target ground troops like the Knight.

Archers: They are the Backup Defense for our Skeletons,Goblins, and Knight.

Goblins: The Goblins are cheap but very fast. Before the Prince can thrust his lance, the Goblins have attacked him 10 times.

Spear Goblins: Similar to the Goblins and others troops in this deck, the Spear Goblins act as support.

Bomber: Defense against tower or building-targeting troops.

Minions: Defense against large troops.

Battle Strategy:

Follow the "Don't attack first" Rule, as we will be playing a reactive gameplay. When troops are coming, wait until they get to the bridge. After that, deploy Spear Goblins or Archers. Place them in a short distance from the enemy troops so they can attack first without getting hit. When Enemy troops are chasing for your Spear Goblins or Archers, deploy your Goblins or Skeletons since they are melee troops and can attack fast.

Arrows are for multiple troops especially when the enemy decides to attack you with a lot of multiple units. As they go nearer to your tower, deploy your Bomber in a short distance from them.

When there is an open chance to attack the enemy's tower, deploy one or two of your multiple troops together with the Knight and the Minions. Minions will serve as a shield for your Knight and the multiple unit troops as ground cover. Remember to treat your towers like troops.

During Double Elixir Time, you can repeat your attack: 2 Multiple Unit troops + Knight + Minions. And because you have low-cost cards, you can just deploy the most efficient cards that can defend your towers against enemy attacks.


This deck can be countered with decks that highlight the use of Arrows, Bomber, Valkyrie, Wizard and other splash damage/AOE troops since you mostly have multiple unit troops. Those kinds of decks that may counter this deck still have a chance of losing from you if you are great with the timing your deployment.

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