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Tips to get 12 Wins in the Flying Machine Challenge
The Flying Machine is flying its way towards the arena in advance. Here's how you can get 12 wins and get it before it flies away.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on September 21, 2017.
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Imagine a flying Musketeer with its range and almost as fast as the Dart Goblin. This Flying Machine is a Rare unit and is unlockable in Arena 9 - Jungle Arena. In this Flying Machine Challenge, the usual one Free Entry and 100 Gems for any succeeding entries applies.

This Flying Machine Challenge is a Draft Challenge. You can get to pick 4 cards and pick 4 cards to give your opponent. Make sure to pick the cards with good synergy!

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Best Tips to Win 12 Battles in the Flying Machine Challenge:

1. Start early or wait 'til Sunday:

It is the same tip that we share for every Special Clash Royale Challenge. You either go really early or wait until it is about to be done. The best tip here is to alarm your phone as to when it will go live and test out your luck. If you weren't able to win in your first try, you can always have it a go on its last day.

2. Remember the Flying Machine's weakness:

The Flying Machine is an aerial troop. Make sure you have a ranged unit in your deck. A Wizard or Executioner is recommended as you may face a bunch of Minions and Minion Horde in this Challenge.

3. Have a good spell with your Splash Units:

This Flying Machine has 510 HP at level 7 tournament standards. This amount of HP is a little lower than the Musketeer's and Wizard's. You may want to take it down with your ranged or splash units and flying swarms. Players will also bring in those cards so be ready with your spells.

4. Have a good deck:

As we see its abilities, the Flying Machine is great with beatdown decks. You can have it with the Giant, Royal Giant or you can just swap your Musketeer with this new aerial ranged troop.


Everybody's favorite during Challenges are the rewards! Here are the one-time rewards you'll get together with your guaranteed prizes from your wins.

  • 2 Wins → x2500 Gold
  • 5 Wins → x5000 Gems
  • 8 Wins → x10 Flying Machine
  • 10 Wins → x15000 Gold
  • 12 Wins → x100 Flying Machine
0 Wins x700 Gold with x10 Cards
1 Wins x950 Gold with x15 Cards
2 Wins x1250 Gold with x25 Cards
3 Wins x1600 Gold with x43 Cards
4 Wins x2000 Gold with x65 Cards
5 Wins x2500 Gold with x93 Cards
6 Wins x3100 Gold with x125 Cards
7 Wins x3800 Gold with x165 Cards
8 Wins x4650 Gold with x210 Cards
9 Wins x5750 Gold with x265 Cards
10 Wins x7100 Gold with x335 Cards
11 Wins x8750 Gold with x430 Cards
12 Wins x11000 Gold with x550 Cards

Final Overview:

As a Musketeer lover, the Flying Machine is a great alternative. It is time for her to get some rest while we make the Flying Machine do her bidding. It is flying so it is harder to target by ground troops. The opponent must have a ranged unit, aerial swarm, or a strong spell to finish it. This new troop gets a two thumbs up from me.

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Last modified: 22, 09, 2017

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