The Fireball is an extremely useful Spell Card in Clash Royale. Learn how it can play an important role in your deck here.

Fireball Overview:

The Fireball in unlockable from the tutorial. It deals big damage in its relatively small area. At the cost of 4 elixirs, it is a great card to have to finish off weakened towers and enemies. It can also serve as a stronger version of Arrows, just make sure you time its launch precisely.

Fireball Strength:

The strength of the Fireball lies in its destructive power for only 4 elixirs. It can clean a huge wave of enemy troops and leave the stronger enemies severely weakened. It is a great alternative to Arrows. It only costs 1 more elixir than Arrows but does a lot more damage. It can reach any part of the arena and cannot be stopped. It is great for finishing off weakened crown towers.

Deck Overview:

Fireball Arrows Hog Rider Baby Dragon
Fireball Arrows Hog Rider Baby Dragon
Bomb Tower Minion Horde Spear Goblins Barbarians
Bomb Tower Minion Horde Spear Goblins Barbarians

Card Roles:

Fireball - The main card of this deck. Timing and patience are everything with this card in order to maximize the damage dealt.

Arrows  - Arrows helps the Fireball to eliminate hordes like the Skeleton Army or the Minion Horde.

Hog Rider - A great card to have because it deals heavy damage to towers and is very fast. It can be used when your opponent has used all their elixirs and you need to do more damage to a tower.

Baby Dragon - Great air support, and does splash damage to groups of enemies. Also, the Baby Dragon can fly over the river to attack pesky defense towers.

Bomb Tower - Helps in defending your towers. It is an important member of your Clash Royale deck because your counter cards are weak and need the Bomb Tower's help.

Minion Horde - Great to take down high HP enemies like PEKKAs of Giants. It can also fly over the river to attack defense towers.

Spear Goblins - Cheap counter support and can attack aerial enemies as well.

Barbarians - Great for offense or defense. It is an all-around card that can take down high HP enemies. The Barbarians can stop the Prince in his tracks and take down the Hog Rider before he reaches your towers.

Fireball's Deck Strength:

This is a relatively cheap Clash Royale deck. This means that you will be able to cycle through your deck quickly to get the Fireball card every single time. The deck plays a lot like a Rocket deck. You have to counter enemy troops with your cards and keep blasting their towers and possibly troops at the same time. Cards in this deck are meant to counter everything the player throws at you. Make sure you know what your enemy has to have that card in hand to counter his troops. Timing is very important with this deck. It is best to launch your Fireball when your opponent places troops near the tower.

Battle Strategy:

At the start of the match, wait until you have 10 elixirs. If your opponent has not made a move, you can deploy your defense tower in the center so it can reach both towers. If you have Fireball, wait until your opponent deploys troops near the tower and launch! This will damage the tower and severely weaken the troops next to the tower. If those are low HP troops, they will be eliminated. Then you can finish off their wave with you counter cards. Since your opponent has probably used all of their elixirs in the first wave, they won't have many elixirs to counter you. Your cards will be able to damage your opponent's towers more.

At about 30 seconds in, you should have the Fireball card back in your hand because you used most of your cards to counter. Again, wait until your opponent deploy troops near the tower. Launch the Fireball again and counter accordingly. If you see your opponent has Minion Horde, keep your Arrows at hand and be ready to launch. This is because they will be using them to try and take down your Bomb Tower. If your opponent has a Hog Rider, keep Barbarians or Minion Horde and 5 elixirs ready. You will want to drop your troops as soon as you see the Hog Rider. Drop your troops in front of Hog Rider as soon as possible because your opponent might be using the Hog Freeze combo.

At about 1 minute in the battle, your opponent towers should be about 1/4 HP left. Your opponent will probably figure out your strategy and will start playing more defensively, but by then it will be too late. You can also start playing more defensively and use the Fireball as soon as it reaches your hand.

During double elixir time, play defensively. Your opponent will be frustrated because he cannot do major damage to your towers while you keep blasting theirs with Fireball. One of their towers should be destroyed by your Fireballs so all you need to do is defend your towers. Make sure to always use your Bomb Tower and Fireball.


A weakness will be a super offensive Clash Royale deck. Since your troops are kind of weak, this will be destroyed easily. Decks that use a lot of the stronger cheaper card combos like Barbarians + Valkyrie + Prince decks are very hard to counter. You might be forced to use your Fireball on their wave, thus eliminating your main card. In these types of situations, always proceed to defense and chip some damage to the opponent's tower when there is an opportunity.

Related Fireball Strategies:

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In this deck, you use both the Rocket and Fireball to do major damage to your opponent's towers. It is basically the same strategy, but because you have the more expensive Rocket card, your counter cards are all cheaper.

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The Clash Royale Fireball Guide


Your timing is of extreme importance when using the Fireball

This article focuses on the in-and-outs of the Fireball card. When it is best to use it, how to use it, etc.

This article focuses on the in-and-outs of the Fireball card. When it is best to use it, how to use it etc. 101 for the Fireball card. This is a fun Clash Royale deck to play because you are not pressured to take down your enemy towers.You just need to focus on countering. Counter all the cards used by your opponent while your Fireball takes care of the towers. An easy deck to use.


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