Unlocked during the Training Camp, the Fireball Spell Card does a lot of damage to a small area. It is mainly used to finish off a weakened tower or wipe out high HP troops.


As a Spell Card, it damages any troops in the Arena severely. If it is a low-HP troop, it is obliterated instantly. If it is a high-HP troop, the Fireball does considerable damage. This allows your troops or even your tower to finish Barbarians or Baby Dragons quickly.


Due to how slow the attack is it's very easy to miss its target. This is evident with Clash Royale beginners. They still don't know how fast each troop is. And they don't know how long it'll take the Fireball to hit the desired spot.

Also, while the Fireball deals considerable damage, it cannot KO the likes of Mortar. It is recommended that while your Giant is destroying a Hut, help him with a Fireball.

Popular Fireball Decks:

How To Counter The Fireball:

To get around the Fireball use high HP troops that move rather quickly such as the Witch, Minion Horde, Mini P.E.K.K.A and or Barbarians, as they be long gone by the time the Fireball is finally launched, plus their HP is high enough to survive this attack.

Along with the Arrows, the Fireball is a very useful spell in just any Arena or in any deck. We recommended always having either of this two. Who knows, you might need it against a massive enemy push.


The Fireball can annihilate or severely damage any kind of troops within its range. Utilizing this card really depends on how you play your deck. This spell card can be a game changer especially if the enemy is losing its tower. A nice spell card if you face alot of spawner decks.


Cost Rarity Type Radius
4 Rare Spell 2.5

Level Area Damage Crown Tower Damage Card Gold Experience
1 325 130 1 N/A N/A
2 357 143 2 50 6
3 396 158 4 150 10
4 432 173 10 400 25
5 476 190 20 1,000 50
6 520 208 50 2,000 100
7 572 229 100 4,000 200
8 627 251 200 8,000 400
9 689 276 400 20,000 800
10 757 303 800 50,000 1,600

Last modified: 26, 06, 2018

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