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2016-05-04-04-47-51-maxresdefault__8_.jpg If partnered with the right troops, these fast balls of fire can win you trophies!


You probably got lucky and received a brand new Fire Spirit but you don't know what deck or what cards to use it with. Don't worry we got your back mate! These fast AoE ( Area of Effect) damage little balls can be partnered with the same troops that helped you get through Arena 5!


One of the biggest strength of this Clash Royale deck is the Fire Spirits themselves. Remember, a good defense can be a good offense! The Fire Spirits will act as your support while you're trying to push with the tanker + push basic strategy. Since they can target air and ground troops with their splash damage, that will leave your tanker + push free from obstruction.

On this deck the Fire Spirits are also combined with easy-to-get troops that are readily available for Arena 5 players.

Clash Royale Arena 5 Fire Spirit Deck:

Archers Goblins Valkyrie Arrows
Archers Goblins Valkyrie Arrows
Skeletons Fire Spirits Witch Giant
Skeletons Fire Spirits Witch Giant

Card Roles:

Archers: They are your units against flying troops.

Arrows: A great spell to use against Skeleton Armies and other low HP troops.

Giant: Your main tanker on the deck.

Goblins: They can easily take out tower locking units with ease. They are cheap cards too!

Fire Spirits: Use them as support to your push.

Skeleton Army: These little Skeletons can pester and eat up a tanker or any high damage troop.

Valkyrie: With her ax swinging, she'll take out Barbarians and other low HP troops too!

Witch: Your main pushing unit. She casts spells and spawns Skeletons for added damage!

Battle Strategy:

This is a pretty basic strategy that survived from Arena 1 to the higher Arenas. Wait until your elixir is at max and then drop your Witch beside your King Tower. Just let her spawn Skeletons while she's walking. Once she's near the bridge, put the Giant in front of her and drop your Fire Spirit at the back. The Fire Spirit will make sure that there are no counter troops blocking your pushing path.

During midgame, your opponent might start pushing or defending. If he did push, use your Skeleton Army against any of his beefy tanks or Arrows to get rid of low HP troops. You can also use the Valk for heavy defense.

At the double elixir mark, continue with the Giant + Witch + Fire Spirit push and counter any troop towards your base with the Valk and Gobs. If you see that the coast is clear, you can put down your Skeleton Army for that massive tower attack!


One Zap from your enemy or an Arrow against this Fire Spirit and they're gone. You can try to cycle through your cards to have them back or try to swap them with Archers or Goblins.

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Fire Spirits can bring severely damage any kind of hordes if placed wisely!

We hope to see you on Clash Royale's Arena 5 equipped with this Fire Spirit Clash Royale deck! Don't forget to let us know what happens!

Last modified: 6,01,2017


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