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In the upcoming Clash Royale update, there are new cards. These card updates are already available for Developer Accounts. Fire Spirits are one of those new cards coming in. They come in three per instance and can be unlocked in (Arena 5) Spell Valley. They launch themselves at their target when attacking and deals area damage. Also, they target both air and ground troops.
Fire Spirits have a two tile radius that can do a good DPS to a group of troops if placed correctly.


These little fiery things come in three and all of them are splash damagers. The Fire Spirits are effective against spawn troops since they can deal Area Damage. They are also fast attackers so they are very effective against slow single-targeting troops.

1. Fire Spirits for Pushing
Placing Fire Spirits at the back of any troop, this time a Valkyrie, can definitely help pushing her faster towards a tower. Adding an additional hit before she expires.

2. Hog Rider
Hog Rider + Zap or Hog Rider + Freeze are good strategies but are getting old. Try it with the Fire Spirits and they will get rid of any low HP counters. Including Barbarians for an equal elixir trade plus you still have your Hog Rider dealing damage!

3. Fire Spirits for Defense
Fire Spirits can are great not just for low HP troops but also against moderate HP troops. The example above shows a 5 elixir Balloon versus 2 elixir Spear Goblins and 2 elixir Fire Spirits for a positive trade.

You can also use Fire Spirits to clear out low HP troops for your building to aim for tanky troops. On the example above, the Inferno Tower was locked on to a group of Minions but was taken out by Fire Spirits thus leaving a clear aim towards the Giant.


When they are up against multiple unit troops that are lined up, they would only attack the ones in front. And since they use their fiery body to attack, they'd be gone after hitting enemies once.

1. Conquering Ranged Troops
Placing them at a distance against any ranged troop can be a waste of your elixir but putting them on top can work in stopping their force.

2. Placement
Since Fire Spirits do a kamikazee damage and can only be used once. Placing them in the middle of your arena and luring any incoming troop is the best strategy! Your Tower Archers will take care of the rest.

3. Barbarians not Lined Up
This can be tricky to newbies as they usually deploy the Fire Spirits in front but they will just get rid of just one or two Barbarians and the rest will just go towards your tower. The strategy here is to lure them right in the middle and you should be trying to aim at the middle part of their group. The rest will be under your Tower Archer's hands.

Popular Fire Spirits Decks:

How to Counter:

The Fire Spirits fall under multiple-unit troops category. They are splash damagers and that's the only difference it has among other multiple unit troops. Just like Goblins and Minions, they can be easily taken down by Zap and Arrows.



Basically, these Fire Spirits are a great addition to your Clash Royale deck. They cost only 2 elixirs, they do splash damage, and they are very fast. Fire Spirits are good against other hordes too. It will be nice to see this card in action anytime soon.

Special thanks to Orange Juice for a wonderful video illustration and for the gifs!

You can watch the his videos HERE!


Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Targets Cost Count Rarity Type
- Very Fast 1 sec 2 Air & Ground 2 x2 Common Troop

Level Hitpoint Damage Card Gold Experience
1 43 80 1 N/A N/A
2 47 88 2 5 4
3 52 96 4 20 5
4 57 106 10 50 6
5 62 116 20 150 10
6 82 68 128 400 25
7 75 140 100 1,000 50
8 82 154 200 2,000 100
9 91 169 400 4,000 200
10 100 186 800 8,000 400
11 110 186 2,000 20,000 800
12 120 224 5,000 50,000 1,600

Last modified: 26,06,2018

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