This deck is composed of low elixir troops and spells that will surely work out and help you push for trophies in Arena 4 and 5!


With an average elixir of 3, this deck will is bound to give fast results.

The Hog Riders are definitely focused on one thing - Buildings and Towers. When we partner him with Spells to counter and a Cannon to defend your area, this deck is surely worth a try in Arena 4. Of course, you can use this in Arena 3 if somehow your trophies fell down.


With this deck, you can deploy units and drop spells fast. Due to the Hog Rider's capability to aim for towers and buildings, he can be a menace if left alone. Make sure to give him support units to counter any troops.

Fast Hog Rider Deck for Clash Royale's Arena 4:

Cannon Valkyrie Spear Goblins Skeletons
cannon.png valkyrie.png spear_goblins.png skeletons.png
Lightning Zap Hog Rider Goblins
lightning.png zap.png hog_rider.png goblins.png

Card Roles:

Cannons: Main defense building to guard your Towers while your troops are busy pushing.

Goblins: For a 2 Elixir count, they can do a lot of damage against Epic cards like the Prince. They will also support your Hog at the back for an extra push.

Hog Rider: This will be your main card, the winning card on this deck. You will be using the Hog Rider to push hard on towers.

Lightning: This is your surprise card. It can destroy enemy towers as well as cripple enemy troops.

Skeletons: This is the card used to provide additional support or distraction.

Spear Goblins: You can save them for defense since they target aerial and ground troops.

Valkyrie: She will be your troop crusher, especially against ground swarms. The Skeleton Army or other high damage troops are no match for her if she's supported correctly.

Zap: Use this to help you get rid of defensive units blocking your Hog Rider's path towards a tower.

Battle Strategy:

Start the game with the Hog Rider and a support like a Goblin/Spear Gobs. Since you only have 3 average elixir count, you can start right away if you already reached 6 Elixirs. This deck is extremely fast and this will shock your enemy. Simply put, it will force them to defend. If you got blocked by any cheap units, use Zap to get rid of them and watch until your Hog claim the first Crown of the match.

During the mid game, you can set up a Cannon for 3 Elixirs. This is to provide a solid defense on your side of the field. You can counter most of the cards by using your Valkyrie, Skeletons, and Spear Gobs. Just distract them with your 1 Elixir Skeletons and have the Valkyrie swing her ax to destroy them.

On the 60 second mark, before the game ends, you already have an idea what your opponents cards are and how he plays the game. The main strategy here is to watch where he places his tanker and push on the other lane. You don't want him to build up elixirs to do a massive push! Remember this is the Fast Hog Rider Deck, so you have to push as much as possible since you can cycle cards immediately!

Just in case you're on that 10-second countdown and did a lot of damage to his towers, now is the time to whip out your Lightning Spell to win the game!


Air troops will be the weakness of this deck since it is only equipped with Spear Gobs to bring it down. Just in case you are being swarmed with aerials, use your 2 elixir zap to stun them near one of your towers and the Spear Gobs and the archer on top of your tower will destroy them in no time.

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Elixir count or Elixir advantage is definitely one of the keys in winning Clash Royale matches. Aside from elixirs, the strategy of the players to play big time - the placing of the troops, tankers, support, and spells to add depth to it. It really depends on how you'd like to play the game.

On this deck, we taught you on how to win a trophy fast with this Fast Hog Rider Deck, you can also do a different kind of Hog combination. Feel free to search through our website and learn all the other strategies you can employ with the Hog Rider.


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