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With an average elixir count of 3, any beginner can deploy and destroy fast with this push!


After the training, beginners will have the first taste of the Clash Royale battles in Arena 1 - Goblin Stadium, where they will be tested on their strategies with their given troops.

With the Spear Goblins, we'll teach you how to play like a pro with this very simple push. Basic strategy - Tank + Push + Support. This technique has earned me thousands of trophies and helped me keep it on Arena 4 and 5.


Spear Goblins are very cheap and are highly effective in the game. You might find yourself using them in higher arenas due to their versatility and speed.

The Clash Royale strategy here is to make your Giant the tanker because of his huge HP pool. The Witch at his back will zap any countering troops and spawn Skeletons. The Spear Goblins will be back there for support. Alternatively, you can only just use the Giant and the Spear Goblins for a quick push. Just make sure that your enemy's troops are already locked on to your Giant since they have a small amount of HP and can easily be killed by Arrows.

Spear Starter Deck:

Knight Archers Goblins Bomber
Knight Archers Goblins Bomber
Skeletons Witch Spear Goblins Giant
Skeletons Witch Spear Goblins Giant

Card Roles:

Archers: With their range, they can bring down any flying troop like the Baby Dragon, as long as the opposing troop is locked to your tanker or your tower.

Bomber: He can blast Skeleton Armies away with his bomb. He can also counter group troops like Archers, Spear Goblins, and Goblins due to his splash damage.

Giant: You giant meat shield. Use him to tank your push.

'Goblins & Skeletons:' With their low cost elixirs and efficiency, they are great against single unit ground troops that are locked on to your tower like the Giant. They are also great against Princes too!

Knight: An additional damage against your opponent's troops with moderate HP and damage. 

Spear Goblins: Good aim and very cheap elixir. They will be the one who's going to push if your Witch is not around. And if you're in a hurry to push!

Witch: Because she spawns Skeletons and can cast spells, she will definitely be on this deck! Alternatively you can use Prince!

Battle Strategy:

You must learn patience in this Clash Royale deck because elixirs are hard to come by and you need them to deploy your troops. In this deck, wait until your elixir gauge is full so you can deploy your chosen troops and leave some for defense. This time, drop your Spear Goblins beside your King Tower, they will walk towards the enemy's tower but before they reach the bridge deploy the Giant to act as their tanker. Make sure to leave enough space between them so your opponent's troops will  focus on your tanker. You might want to add additional troops by sending in your Archers.

During mid game, your opponent will start to push and you will have a glimpse of what cards he has. Remember them, because you'll need it to counter him later in the game. If he pushed using a Giant, use your Goblins and Skeletons. If he pushed using a Baby Dragon, use your Archers and Witch against him. If he uses the Prince, counter it with Skeletons and Knight. Make sure to take note of it so you're not going to use those troops in pushing.

At the double elixir mark, do the same push with your Giant but this time add the Witch in the middle and make your Spear Goblins support her at the back. Deploy your remaining troops to defend. If you have extra elixir because they are cheap, add them to the push (at the back of the Spear Goblins) and you'll win your first game! Congratulations!


Spear Goblins, Goblins, Archers, Skeletons are easily countered by Arrows and Fireball but you can always spawn them back since they only cost 1-2 elixirs.

The other weakness of this push will be Skeleton Armies raging your tanker - Giant, make sure you have your Bomber ready to deploy. He costs 3 elixirs and wouldn't be much of a problem since most of your cards are cheap.

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Due to their versatility as support, defense, and this time offense, Spear Goblins might be one of your candidates as your favorite card or a staple troop in your deck. They might be replaced by Fire Spirits in Arena 5 but remember that these Spear Goblins doesn't do Kamikazee attacks on the enemy so they will live to fight another day.

We hope you enjoy this deck and win a lot of trophies with it. Just bear in mind the tank + push + support strategy and it will help you pave the way to the higher arenas! Cheers for more trophies!


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