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Fast Cycle Deck For Arena 8
Looking for a cheap yet useful deck? Check Molt's deck and see how he deal and wrecked popular decks in Arena 8.

Overview and Strength:

Through the use of the ever-loved Hog Rider, we can learn how MOLT use this kind of deck that is rare to find in the highest Clash Royale Arena. With the use of some other cheap, common, and rare cards, how did he face epics out there?

This deck is packed with a very low elixir cost cards. Any incoming troops will be distracted and be killed in a few moments without even touching a specific crown tower. The Cannon + Hog Rider combo is a classic in giving other cards their own job on how to effectively deal against enemies and eventually destroy a tower in the long run.

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The Fast Cycle Deck - Arena 8:

Hog Rider Minions Spear Goblins Goblins
Hog Rider Minions Spear Goblins Goblins
Cannon Fireball Zap Elixir Collector
Cannon Fireball Zap Elixir Collector

Card Roles:

Hog Rider. The only card in this deck that you can count on to cast heavy damage. Utilizing him in this deck will be a challenge because there is no Freeze Spell to help him. You need to rely on what your spell cards can do with the maximum help from your cheap cards behind.

Minions. This card is preferable in this kind of deck. They can kill a Pekka or even a Golem if used wisely. Pairing him with other available cards is a must. Enemies won't use Arrows most of the time to counter these. This gives your Minions extra time to attack a specific troop.

Spear Goblins. Their attack might be little, but they turn the tide of the game. The Spear Goblins can provide fair damage and can also be used in defending by dropping them near the enemy's troops to attract attention.

Goblins. Can simply take down any kind of ground troops if ignored. Their damage is one of a kind by diminishing opponents without them knowing it. In this deck, you can make a swarm using these Goblins through the help of the Elixir Collector and efficient cycling of your deck.

Elixir Collector. This will be the reason why you can spam your cheap cards in the battlefield either offense or defense purposes. This card can give you a really big advantage when it comes to elixir count. It can provide you extra cards to use, allowing you to pressure a lane with ease.

Cannon. This 3-elixir cost card will save your tower from being destroyed immediately. Any troops trying to devastate your base will be bugged, making your enemy aggravated.

Zap Spell. Its mini-stun makes a lot of difference. It is usually for helping out your Hog Rider take out a tower being attacked by some set of troops to stop him. Its damage is glorious for a 2-elixir cost card.

Fireball. Do not just rely on what your Zap and other cards can do. You need to use the Fireball to clean a path for your Hog Rider to hop on. You can use this either on offense or defense. Its power can also critically damage a tower.

Battle Strategy

At the start of the match, try to wait for 10 elixirs. After that, drop your Elixir Collector in your chosen location. Make sure to prepare your cards and wait for a reply from the other party. Once they drop some troops, scatter your troops near the target.

If your opponent drops a PEKKA or Golem, immediately place the Cannon in the middle of your base. Confuse the opponent by dropping your troops in different locations. Still, continue pressuring a single lane. The cannon and your other troops will help in defense. Once the high HP troop is locked on to the cannon, deploy the Hog Rider in the other lane. Support it with whatever troops you still have.

The second minute of the game is important in terms of pushing a tower. Because your troops cannot make a push easily due to its low HP, countering all your opponnents' moves is your best option. Keep on chipping in small damage to the opponent's tower after every push you successfully stopped. While doing this, use Fireball in towers to drastically lower its HPs overtime helping your Hog Rider perform to destroy it faster. Also drop your Elixir Collector to be ready in the last minute of the game. Repeat the process as much as possible.

When the game reaches its final minute, defend first, before performing any push type strategy. Enemies at higher arenas will be very impulsive especially if your tower's HP is low. If you face a swarm deck, worry not because this deck can also play well against it. Utilize your Fireball to a bunch of huts near a tower.

Deck Weakness:

From the creator himself, this deck is really challenging especially in dealing with high HP troops like PEKKA, Golem, etc. The lack of own beefy tank will give you some difficulty in countering them but is possible to do so. The no. 1 Clash Royale Tip on this deck is timing and wit to outsmart an enemy that will try to enter your lair in the game.

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Fast Cycle Deck :: Clash Royale :: Super Cheap Deck

Source: GAMINGwithMOLT

Ultimately, this fast cycle deck in higher level arenas can be effective depending on your skill and quick decisions. Nevertheless, it is a fairly efficient deck and timing is the main key to make it useful.

Special thanks to MOLT for this featured deck!


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