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F2P Giant Loon Deck for Arena 3

This is my own F2P Giant Loon Deck. This deck surprisingly helped me climbed from Arena 3 to Arena 5 in just one day!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on May 5, 2017.
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The cards on this deck are unlockable from Arena 2 - Bone Pit. Since I have to make the Balloon and Bomber stronger, I used it on Arena 3. It didn't fail me to reach Arena 5 in no time. It beats even the toughest Legendaries it encountered.



The availability of the Giant and the Knight on this deck can make you have a huge tanker or a semi-tanker. This depends on the kind of cards you have from the start. It also give you the opportunity to choose whether you want to spend 5 elixirs on a Giant with a big HP or 3 elixirs with a Knight for a semi-tanker. It has the Balloon to complete the tower destruction. The Bomber will clear any small HP units.

F2P Giant Loon Deck:

Archers Balloon Bomber Fireball
archers.png balloon.png bomber.png fireball.png
Giant Goblins Knight Musketeer
giant.png goblins.png knight.png musketeer.png

Card Roles:

  • Archers - For a cost of 1 more elixir, these Archers are sturdier than Spear Goblins. They are also a great card investment in the future decks.
  • Balloon - This is the star of the deck. Use it to destroy towers and buildings quickly.
  • Bomber - A cheap splash troop that can usually get rid of the Giant's most common counter, the Skeleton Army. With his high DPS but low HP, make sure to always put him at the back of your Giant or Knight.
  • Fireball - Better but costlier than Arrows. If your Bomber can't get rid of it or if they're flying like the Minion Horde, use the Fireball. It can get rid of the foe's pushes as well.
  • Giant - He is your main tanker for your push. You can also use him to lure enemy troops while you set up for a counter.
  • Goblins - Cheap, effective, and fast. Use them against tankers.
  • Knight - Your second tanker. If your Giant is not available or is busy luring enemy units, use him to defend and set him up for a counter-push.
  • Musketeer - Your ranged support. Her Musket is definitely strong. No one will argue about that.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to deploy the Bomber at the back of your King Tower. Before he reaches the bridge, drop your Giant in front. You can eliminate the foes by adding the Musketeer as support and then drop the Balloon while your Giant is still doing some damage. The Balloon will connect and with a couple of hits, you'll get a crown.


Wait until max elixir and then drop a Bomber. If he's not available, you can deploy the Archers. Put the Giant or the Knight in front and then the Balloon. You can add the Musketeer for support. Have your Fireball ready as your opponent might have Minions or Minion Horde to counter against it.


This deck doesn't have any building cards. You have to use the Goblins or Archers to lure opponents in the middle of your base. Drop them in the middle of your base, one tile towards the chosen lane of your opponent. This will lure them in the middle and tower archers will help you eliminating them. You will have the Goblins, Archers, Musketeer, and the Fireball to get rid of intruders.

Additional Tip:

You can use the Giant as a meat lure and then place the Knight and Bomber to counter. This will also help you set up for another push. Once the Knight and Bomber are done, drop the Balloon right away to make a powerful counter.


This deck's weakness is the lack of buildings. If you're facing the Hog Rider, have the Goblins and the Archers take care of him. You can also have the Bomber help out and then set up another push by putting the Giant or the Knight in front of him.

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This F2P deck helped me climb fast in the arena. I used the "lure the opponents with Goblin/Archer" technique to get through incoming units. During some matches, the deck lost due to high level gaps. If you played the deck well, it will surely also lead you to Arena 5.

I'm still using the deck in Arena 5 and it helped me reach until 1625 trophies, I am still thinking if I need to redo or create a new F2P deck.

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Last modified: 8, 05, 2017

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