Level 8 players that are stuck on Spell Valley, rejoice! Help is here.


If you're stuck going in and out of P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse, Spell Valley, and Builder's Workshop, this F2P Balloon Deck will definitely help you out. This Clash Royale strategy is not just for level 8 players, but it can also be used by any player who are coming in and out of Arena 4 and above. It helped M4SON run from 2300 trophies to 3100+ trophies in about two hours!

We would like to thank M4SON for sharing this Clash Royale deck and of course we're here to share it with our dear readers too.


The strength of this deck would be the element of surprise. Arena 5 players and above don't usually use Balloons anymore and tend to forget their existence. This gives you a great opportunity to take advantage of that. They wouldn't be well equipped in countering this kind of push.

Another strength would be the Arrows and Fireball spells. Your opponent would think that he's already free from any counter spells against his low HP troops, but you'll catch him and eliminate his troops with the other spell on your deck.

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F2P Level 8 Balloon Deck:

Ice Wizard Skeletons Cannon Arrows
ice_wizard.png skeletons.png cannon.png arrows.png
Fireball Balloon Giant Barbarians
fireball.png balloon.png giant.png barbarians.png

Card Roles:

  • Arrows & Fireball: These spells are made to eliminate swarm troops. For low HP troops you can use your Arrows spell and for beefy troops like Barbarians, use Fireball. You can also use the Fireball just in case your aiming missed or to put an end to a tower.
  • Balloon: Your main card! It targets buildings and towers so you better have it well protected.
  • Barbarians: Made for defense. Use them against beefy troops. They can also be used as a counter push, Barb + Loon.
  • Cannon: A great defense building for just 3 elixirs. It will lure troops away from your tower and lower their HP at the same time.
  • Giant: With his huge HP pool, he will be your tanker for your Balloon.
  • Ice Wizard: Because of his freeze spell, he can work great with your Cannon on defense and can also be with your Giant + Balloon push to freeze any enemy troops along the way.
  • Skeletons: For a very cheap 1 elixir, they will help you cycle through your cards and are great distractions against Princes and other single target troops.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Since the Giant and the Balloon both have 5 elixirs each, it is best to wait it out until the double elixir mark before you crush your enemy.

At the start of the game, wait until you have full elixirs and until your opponent started to move. Counter every move with your cards and just hold on to your Giant + Balloon because that will be your game ender.

During the mid game, when things get a little heated, put your Cannon right in the middle of your Arena to act as a lure and defend your turf. You can bring down your Ice Wizard here to freeze them to their doom. Use Barbarians against incoming heavy troop coming your way. If most of them survived, you can do the Barbarian + Balloon small push.

The double elixir mark will be your time to shine. Put down your Giant near your crown tower and after he crossed the bridge and the opponent's troops took notice of him, now is the best time to drop your Balloon. It will go straight to your enemy's tower and demolish it in no time. Thus winning you the game. Don't forget to cast your Fireball for that added damage!


The total number of your Giant + Balloon push is the total number of a max elixir count. Deploying them would mean you will be left unguarded since you're going to consume all of your elixirs. To avoid this mishap, place your Giant near your Kings Tower or at the back of your Crown Tower so you're gaining elixirs while he's walking towards the bridge. Make sure to also have defense troops or spells to clear your base just in case you'll start pushing.

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Since Arena 5 players are usually focused on high damage troops and new cards, they tend to disregard and forget about the cards that helped them climb the top, thus Balloons are great on higher arenas. Combined with the Giant, they're going to use the most basic strategy there is: the Tanker + push technique. It worked wonders with M4SON, how about you? Tell us more about it!

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