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Clash Royale Executioner

A Valkyrie-like card that can both hit ground and aerial troops. He can throw his axe like a boomerang that can cut down low HP and swarm units. Check out his profile here!
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Type Epic
Tourney Stats HP (1010), DPS (55 x2), Area Damage (133 x2)
Technical Details Targets (Air & Ground), Speed (Medium), Hit Speed (2.4sec) Range (4.5)
Other Details He throws his axe like a boomerang, striking all enemies on the way out AND back. It's a miracle he doesn't lose an arm

Executioner Overview:

The Executioner is available in the Jungle Arena. He plays like an upgraded Valkyrie that can hit both flying and ground troops.

Min and Max Stats:

Card Level Lvl 1 Lvl 4 (Tourney Level) Lvl 8
HP 760 1010 1466
Area Damage x 2 106 140 204
Damage per sec x 2 44 58 85

Balance Updates:

Executioner on Offense:

Vmrj5O.gif NnM83bqIjotUc.gif

The Executioner is great on Offense. He is best used together with a tanker to shield him away while he's busy swinging his axe like a boomerang.

Against the Wizard with a five tile range, the Executioner starts to draw his axe on the fifth tile and the axe swings seven tiles. It also has an additional 1 tile radius of damage. If that is not enough, the axe can also do a 360 damage.

Executioner on Defense:

48w3DV.gif vg5v7X.gif

Using the Executioner for defense, may require you some help from other cards. On the first Gif, you will see that the Tornado spell helped pull the Lavaloon in the middle of the arena. This made it easier for the Executioner to take them out. On the second Gif image, the Elite Barbarians were kited to the other lane by a 2-elixir Ice Golem. Deploying your Executioner at the right place is the key for a perfect defense.

How to counter the Executioner:

The Executioner is best paired with ff. cards:

These are the cards that work best with the Executioner.

Ice Golem Tornado Witch P.E.K.K.A
icegolem-card.png tornado.png witch.png PEKKA.png

The Executioner is best AGAINST the ff. cards:

These are the cards that the executioner can stop.

Graveyard Witch Goblin Gang Lava Hound
graveyard-card.png witch.png Goblin_Gang.png lava_hound.png

The Executioner is Weak against the ff. cards:

The Executioner can be stopped by the following cards:

Mini P.E.K.K.A Prince Knight Mega Minion
mini_PEKKA.png prince.png knight.png mega-minion.png

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The Executioner looks cool if you don't mind his Epic rarity. He can be hard to upgrade but he can be a good investment if you still don't have a good level Wizard. His axe boomerang action can take out the Lava Hound and those crazy Lava Pups anytime.

Last modified: 28,06,2017

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