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Elite Barbarians Giant Synergy For Arena 10

Let's make this heavy yet effective deck come to life. Here's a dashing Elite Barbs with Giant deadly mashup! Are you ready?
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on April 5, 2017.
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Overview and Strength:

Make way for the arena's most elite units, the Elite Barbarians with the bulky power of the Giant! Split push? Combo push? You can find it here! All-in-one!

This deck's undeniable strength heavily relies on the Elite Barbarians and the Giant. With these cards' individual powers, pressuring and wrecking the enemy's towers is simply attainable. With the support cards intact, slow push, bait and even the Hog bait cycles will be in trouble!

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Elite Barbarians Giant Synergy For Arena 10:

Elite Barbarians Giant Musketeer Skeleton Army
2016-11-22-05-23-17-elite_barbarians.png giant.png musketeer.png skeleton_army.png
Mega Minion Fireball Zap Tombstone
2016-12-09-03-31-33-mega-minion.png fireball.png zap.png tombstone.png

Card Roles:

  • Elite Barbarians - This deck's tower knockers. Frequently support this card with the Zap spell to counter units who will stop their movement.
  • Giant - The Giant will serve as the second tower wrecker. You can pair this bulky unit with the Musketeer and/or with the Mega Minion.
  • Musketeer - Use this unit to support your bulky troops from behind. It can also help you defend pretty well together with your crown towers.
  • Skeleton Army - The Skarmy will help you defend against big threats. This card can kill chunky troops like the Giant, Elite Barbarians and the like. Can also chip in great damage towards towers if left ignored.
  • Mega Minion - The Mega Minion can help you in both offensive and defensive plays. It can be a good answer to ground units who are wrecking your tower. Place it behind of your main unit(s) to extend its life and HP to further help in various situations.
  • Zap - Use to wipe out counters effectively. If not, it can reset or weaken select troops in the arena. Use it mainly to support the Elite Barbarians or the Giant.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy for this deck is making an all-out push in a single lane or making a split push before the last minute of the battle arrives. With this deck, you can create an Elite Barbarians with Skeleton Army or Giant with the Musketeer and/or Mega Minion combos. Once you get the rhythm of your enemy’s movement, making a strong counter will be easier.


Wait until your elixir reaches 10. In this phase, you can do a risky move with the Elite Barbarians. If you plan to play aggressively, you must also have the Zap Spell on hand. Expect heavy counters after you play this strategy.

The other strategy is with the Giant. Play a slow push attack by dropping it behind the King Tower. Wait until it reaches the front of your crown tower before dropping the Musketeer. You can also deploy the Mega Minion a tile behind the Giant for added pressure. If you have the Tombstone, you can place it first before running this slow push strategy.

The strategies shared above can be done in a single scene. If you tried the Giant gameplay, you can wait for the enemy to form their countermeasures. This team will counter your Giant alone. If they did it, you can make a surprise attack on the opposite lane with the EBarbs. Just make sure you will have enough elixir to Zap possible counters on your EBarbs.


Playing defensively with these cards are quite easy, but needs a wise decision. If you faced a slow push deck, you can use the Elite Barbarians to wreck ground chunkies (Giant,Golem,Royal Giant, etc). If they have splashers or range support(s) behind, let their main unit walk forward a bit. This will allow you to have an opening to kill first the support. You will need to do this to weaken the enemy’s push thoroughly. If running out of elixir, use the Skeleton Army to kill the bulky troop.

Enemies might be tricky and will exclusively wait for your Skarmy. If they continuously kill your Skeleton Army with the Arrows or Zap, use the Musketeer or Mega Minion to kill their main unit. These two units can also deal well with bait cards (e.g Princess, Miner with Goblin Barrel, etc). You can also use the army in this situation.

You can deal with the Hog Rider cycle decks by playing the Tombstone. Lure them and support it afterward with the Musketeer or Mega Minion. Fighting air deck users might be a challenge. You can counter them by placing your units and Tombstone in different positions. This will distract your enemy and will not be able to kill all your counters in a snap.

Out of these moves, you can make a strong counter-push later on.


If you feel you can defeat the enemy in the early parts of the battle, you can try to do a Giant with Elite Barbarians combo. This will be costly, so better be prepared for the enemy’s answers. We recommend you to do this in the last minute of the game.


The number one challenge for this deck is against aerial decks. The best workaround for this is by using the Musketeer and Mega Minion. Along with this is the Fireball and the Tombstone. If you can execute these, you can outsmart aerial users in certain situations. Like what we have said earlier, placing them in different spots will help you counter them effectively.

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Special thanks to CaptainSnazzy-Clash Royale & Clash of Clans for this featured deck!


Playing this deck requires patience and accuracy. If you are a fan of slow-push decks with a twist, then this deck is right for you. This deck is widely seen in the middle part arenas and sometimes even above. The level of your units is important if you really want to run this set of cards. If you feel you can handle the pressure in the higher arenas, then trying this is a must.

Good luck, Chief!

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Last modified: 14, 09, 2017

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