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Support your ever-loved Hog Rider with the Elite Barbarians! Swarm. Crash. Repeat!

Overview and Strength:

Sticking with the Hog Rider? Here’s a new deck where Elite Barbarians joined this fantastic team where any decks will surely be in deep trouble.

This deck can fairly fight with some of the popular ground/aerial decks available the game. Spawner, Slow-Push and any other set of cards will find it difficult to deal with this deck. Making an early pressure is attainable if played well.

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Elite Hog Rider Deck Arena 8 Above:

Hog Rider Elite Barbarians Archers Minions
hog_rider.png elite_barbarians.png archers.png minions.png
Skeleton Army Fireball Furnace Tombstone
skeleton_army.png fireball.png furnace.png tombstone.png

Card Roles:

  • Hog Rider: The Hog Rider is your main tower destroyer. Support this unit to increase the chance to reach its target.
  • Elite Barbarians: The Elite Barbarians will help you on both offense and defense. Make a team with the Hog Rider to wreck and distract counter units. You can also use this card while defending against beefy tanks or splashers.
  • Archers: Use the Archers mainly for support. Place them at the back of any units/tower to extend their ability. They can provide fair damage against targets or towers if ignored.
  • Minions: Useful against ground units. Minions are frequently used together with the Hog Rider in this deck. They can also serve as defensive units against bulky tanks (e.g Lava Hound, Giant, etc).
  • Skeleton Army: The Skeleton Army is the best trade against a beefy unit. Can provide pressure if your enemy already used their spells. This card can also server as a support for your Hog Rider or Elite Barbarians.
  • Fireball: Mainly used against horde of troops. Use this to wipe out units like the Three Musketeers, Barbarians and/or Elite Barbarians. Focus on the bigger threat when using this spell to avoid elixir problems later on.
  • Furnace: Low HP units annihilator. The Furnace can help you push further in the enemy’s base. The Fire Spirits will surely halt the enemy in using Minion Horde, Skarmy, Princess and the like.
  • Tombstone: Use this building in luring incoming troops. It can also serve as your support distracting counter units effectively.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Create an early pressure by dropping the Furnace in the center of your base. Let the Fire Spirits damage a tower effortlessly. Wait for your enemy’s counter units before dropping your Hog Rider combo. If nothing happens after a few seconds, make a slow push by dropping the Archers behind your Crown Tower. Before it reaches the river, deploy the Hog with the Minions above it. Let them clash as you wait for your elixir to load up once again. Prepare for defense afterwards. If an incoming unit is a tank, lure it at the middle of your lair by using the Tombstone. Prepare Fireball if a swarm of units are supporting it. If the Fireball is not available, use the Elite Barbarians or Skeleton Army instead. Otherwise, use any of your low elixir troops to help defend. Drop the Furnace once again after your elixir reaches 8-10. The extra elixir will help you defend if the enemy decides to make a surprise attack. This defensive strategy is also applicable against Hog Rider/Mini PEKKA decks as well.

Once the battle reaches its final minute, you can spam the enemy by planting your Furnace in a single lane. Provide pressure by dropping the Hog Rider with supporting units around. Reserve the Elite Barbarians and Tombstone for defense later. Try to drop your enemy’s tower below 300HP so your Fireball can knock it down before the game ends.


This deck might be in trouble if fighting against a deck full of spells. Buildings will also bring hindrance to your Hog Rider and other units. Elite Barbarians are easily distracted with low elixir cost troops. Though they cannot be killed quick, they can be lured in the opposite side of the base easily. Lava Hound decks are also a challenge with this set of cards. But with the right deployment of units, you can cycle your needed units accordingly. Try to make a tower rush in the opposite lane with the Hog Rider or Elite Barbarians if possible. This is to weaken the enemy’s pushing troops on the other side.

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As a Hog Rider user, I find this deck interesting and exciting. It can force the enemy to exhaust their elixir due to the cards available. This will increase the user’s chance to access its target if played wisely.

Special thanks to Galadon for this deck.

Article written by Forrest

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Last modified: 11, 09, 2017

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