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Type Common
Stats at Level 1 HP (420), Damage (110), Damage per sec (73), Hit Speed (1.5 Sec),
Technical Details Count(2), Speed (Very Fast), Target (Ground), Range (Melee)
Other Details Spawns a pair of leveled up Barbarians. They’re like regular Barbarians, only harder, better faster and stronger.

Clash Royale Elite Barbarians Overview:

Elite Barbarians are Common Cards that are released in the Clash Royale arena on November 25, 2016 and are available on Arena 7 - Royal Arena or higher. They are a pair of Barbarians that are harder, better, faster, and stronger. For an added 1 elixir than your four Barbs, you can finish the work faster.


They move as fast as the LumberJack and with the HP count of three Barbarians. If these two pairs are left alone, a level 9 Elite Barbarians can devastate a tower.

Clash Royale Elite Barbarians on Offense:


Since Golem pushes are coming back in the game's meta, using the Elite Barbarians is great for offense. If your opponent uses a Golem, he already used 8 elixirs. It will make it harder for him to defend. If there is no building in site, feel free to use these power duo to chop off some tower HP.


The Elite Barbarians are faster and have a decent amount of HP packed in. If the opponent tried to kite your Elite Barbarians in the middle towards the next tower, there will be enough HP to deal enough damage.


Unlike their regular Barbarian brothers, the Elite Barbarians can withstand the wrath of the Princess. Their speed didn't match the Princess's aiming. It leaves them enough HP to break down the tower.

Gif Images is from Orange Juice Gaming. Click HERE to watch the video.

Clash Royale Elite Barbarians on Defense:


Barbarians are known for their great defense against Hog Riders. This time, Elite Barbarians can put a stop to the Hog Rider, but with just two numbers they couldn't build a wall to stop him. The Hog Rider can land a hit or two to your tower.


Against tanks such as the Giant, the Elite Barbarians can do well! You will also have a quick counter push against your opponent.


If you are going to face against a Sparky, you wouldn't need a Zap spell anymore. A well placed Elite Barbarians can put a stop to it. Make sure to split them up and land them left and right. This will ensure that Sparky will only hit one Elite Barbarian leaving the other one to destroy it.

Gif Images is from Orange Juice Gaming. Click HERE to watch the video.

What Reddit thinks of the Elite Barbarians:

I imagine their training as barbarians with some heavy metal music in the back, a ton of beer and a ton of workout. After they trained years, only the best 2 barbarians got their ranks up and they are ready to melt everybody in the arena. They should've honestly had a war horn sound as deploying sound.

Damn those barbs move fast.

I agree the mega barbs don't look too good. Very fast speed is actually a negative in a lot of situations. Similar to the LJ, they'll run too far ahead and get themselves killed early

Elite Barbarians Deck Strategies:

How to counter the Elite Barbarians:

The Elite Barbarians are common cards and is available on Arena 7. Will they replace your well pumped Barbarians? Let us know!

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