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Prepare yourselves as the Electro Wizard makes an electrifying debut in the Arena for the Legendary Challenge this Friday, December 23rd!


The Electro Wizard is the newest addition to the Legendary List in Clash Royale. With its Zapping ability, any targets will be stunned or killed for a moment! Not only that, this walking disaster will reset and cancel particular units/buildings like the Inferno Tower or the annoying Sparky

But wait! There’s more! Supercell is going to launch their first Legendary Challenge in the history of the game this week, the Electro Wizard Challenge!

The Electro Wizard Challenge:

This Legendary Challenge will allow winners to have the Electro Wizard as their grand prize once they acquire 12 Wins. This is along with the 22,000 Gold Coins and thousands of cards intact as the special event’s top prize.

The challenge will be available for three straight days after its release this Friday, December 23.

Rules of The Challenge:

  • Just like any other challenges featured, players will have their first entry for Free. Meaning, no gems will be deducted from your current collections.
  • After your first Free attempt, the next entry will cost 100 Gems.
  • You must create a deck together with the Electro Wizard in it. Deck created can be changed after every battle in the challenge.
  • All cards will be AVAILABLE in this event. This means cards you have not obtained yet are going to be playable.
  • Rules are the same with the default Tournament Standards.

Perks of the Challenge:

  • The rewards in this special event is just like the Grand Challenge, in terms of maximum card count and gold coins you can take.
  • Aside from the Electro Wizard, you can still win a different Legendary Card Unit in a single chest.
  • Knowing that the official launch of the Electro Wizard is a week away once the event started, players who acquire him early will allow them to play it in the ladder/normal battles immediately.
  • Once you pulled this unit from the event, a possibility to unlock him (additional cards) from any other chests is bound to happen.

Quick Information About the Electro Wizard:

  • The Electro Wizard can Zap enemies when you deploy it within their range.
  • Just like the Zap, it will stun and damage hit targets.
  • The Electro Wizard only attacks two enemies at a time.

Best Decks for the Electro Wizard Challenge:

According to the video created by BenShotgunGaming, his own pick to play the challenge is a Lava Hound Miner deck. Here’s his deck:

OJ Gaming | Video:

BenShotgunGaming | Video:


Knowing that this special event will be a difficult one, Supercell really knows how to market their new additions to the game. We will surely see a lot of great decks with the Electro Wizard as time passes in the event. In my opinion, players who will take the challenge will be extra careful in picking their decks. Playing carelessly will cost them hundreds of gems in their next tries. In my opinion, the chance of having another legendary in a single chest is such a great deal for the players. Two legs in a single chest? Dude, that’s awesome!

Well, at least there’s another way of obtaining a cool legendary unit, instead of spending real life money in the game. Good luck to us!

How about you, Chief? Are you ready to play this challenge? Do you think the gem-cost of the event is too much or just fair? Is the Electro Wizard going to be OP once it becomes available officially? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below!

Special thanks to Orange Juice Gaming and BenShotgunGaming for the image, information and videos in this article.

Article written by Forrest

Last modified: 6,01,2017


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