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Electro Hog Barrel Cycle For Arena 9 Above

Swarm. Wreck. Cycle! Make the Hog Electro mashup great again in this set of featured cards for Jungle Arena and above.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on July 25,2017.
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Overview & Strength:

This Hog Cycle deck is strong in almost every deck roaming around today. It can pressure, surprise and annoy your enemy in different ways. In this featured deck, we will be reviving this awesome deck shared by Zerohour Gaming.

The deck is strong against Slow-Push, Air, and Hog Rider decks.

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Electro Hog Barrel Cycle For Arena 9 Above:

Hog Rider Electro Wizard Goblin Barrel Goblin Gang
hog_rider.png ElectroWizardCard.png goblin_barrel.png Goblin_Gang.png
Skeleton Army Fireball Zap Inferno Tower
skeleton_army.png fireball.png zap.png inferno_tower.png

Card Roles:

  • Hog Rider - Main Tower Wrecker. Deploy the Hog Rider and back it up with your available troops always. Best with the Barrel, Electro Wizard or the Goblin Gang. Do not forget the Zap for additional damage and support.
  • Electro Wizard - Air and Ground Attacker/Support. Place the Electro Wizard behind the Hog Rider for a stronger push. You can also deploy him during defense near the Crown Tower. If in need, place him down on an incoming swarm of troops (e.g Skeleton Army).
  • Goblin Barrel - Cheap Chip-ins. The Goblin Barrel will be your direct tower attackers over time. Beware of Arrows, Zap, and other deadly spells. You can also use this card along with the Hog Rider.
  • Goblin Gang - Support and Distractors. Deploy the Gang while dealing with ground threats such as the Elite Barbarians. These Goblins can also deal good damage against air low HP units as well. Can chip-in a great amount of outrage against defenseless towers.
  • Skeleton Army - Tank annihilator. Deploy the Skarmy around bulky units like the Giant, PEKKA and the Royal Giant. You can also use this to counter the enemy's Goblin Barrel and/or Elite Barbarians, too. Wisely pick this card to avoid spells like Zap or splash damage.
  • Fireball - Team Smasher. Cast the fireball in different threats such as the Three Musketeers, Barbarians or a bunch of incoming troops who will take down your tower. You can also cast this repeatedly to take down a Crown Tower.
  • Zap - Cheap Cleaner. Cast the Zap to kill low HP troops and/or reset the damage of your targeted troop(s).
  • Inferno Tower - Against bulky units. Melt the biggest threats in the arena through the Inferno Tower. Place it down depending on the enemy's move. Support it with your cheap cards/distractors to prolong its use.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to have the Hog Rider, Zap and Goblin Barrel altogether. This is ideal for the first set of cards you have ready for the initial attack. From there, you will need to defend and cycle through your Hog and Goblins.

It is also important that the Electro Wizard is up and ready to support your push frequently. Keep the pressure by countering your enemy's move and turning it into a strong counter push. Prepare spells to help your Hog push combo extra viable.


In offense, you can always create a mashup with the Hog Rider. You can make a Hog Barrel, Hog Gang, as well as with the Electro Wizard. But in this phase, it is more important to have the Goblin Barrel and/or Goblin Gang in helping your Hog Rider. Also, you will need the Zap to halt counters for a bit to throw more extra damage against a targeted building/tower.

Once you know the cycle of the enemy's cards, you can also annoy them by throwing the Barrel alone. From there, you can force them to cast their counters early. If they cast a spell on your Goblins from the barrel, prepare to launch the Goblin Gang quick. Wait for their answer and counter them back through your Electro Wizard or Skeleton Army. Deploy the Hog Rider if there is a chance for an effective push/chip-in.


During defense, you can always count on the Electro Wizard. His ability can pause incoming troops and can defeat them in a distance. While taking down threats such as the Elite Barbarians might be difficult, you can use the Electro Skarmy combo to deal with it. Make sure to place the Electro Wizard a bit far from the threats. If they Zapped your Skeleton Army, your Ewiz can somehow still manage and throw damage against the opponent's troops. If possible, you can also use the Goblin Gang in this scenario. Deal with the chunky tanks with the Inferno Tower. Do not forget to place down the Electro Wizard or any distractions to lengthen the tower's power.

Cast the Fireball or Zap in killing a bunch of troops in your way. If you feel that you can simply defend from the enemy, reserve a good amount of elixir so you can throw a Goblin Barrel while countering your opponent's strategy.

Additional Tip:

Pressure your enemy by casting the Goblin Barrel or the Goblin Gang on a vice-versa. Do not cast them all at once to prevent being killed instantly. By doing this move, you can force them to cast their early counters against these swarm type of cards. This will free your other units and give a higher chance of damaging their towers effectively.


The weakness of this deck is against Splashers and Spell decks. If faced one, stick to our additional tip where you can attract them in using their counters early. If they use a splasher, you can use the Fireball to take it down. But be aware that you can freely do this after knowing the enemy's deck. It would be risky if you throw it early because they might take it as an opportunity to cast their deadly units.

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This deck is best to all Hog Rider players who are into bait decks. It might be tricky to win in some situations, but if you fully grasp the deck's ability, you can survive and win those difficult matches.

Good luck!

Special thanks to Zerohour Gaming for sharing this deck! You can check his channel here!

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Last modified: 11, 09, 2017

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