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Electro Hog Bandit Cycle For Arena 11

Cycle your way up to the latest Arena in the game! Sizzle your battle with the classic Electro Hog Cycle with the dashing Bandit combined!
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Overview and Strength:

Looking for a good Hog Cycle set of cards in the upper arenas? Tired of the classic combos? Spice it up with the sneaky power of the Bandit! Deckshop Pro's deck will help you out, Chief! With the crazy cycle it can give, troubling your enemy is quite easy!


The pressure it can provide is what this deck's specialty is. Cycling cards are easy with the low elixir cards included in the deck. You can outsmart slow push decks and disturb their strategy all throughout. Dealing with some aerial, Hog, and even swarm decks are fairly strong as well.

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Electro Hog Bandit Cycle Deck:

Bandit Hog Rider Electro Wizard Skeletons
bandit.png hog_rider.png ElectroWizardCard.png skeletons.png
Ice Spirit Poison The Log Inferno Tower
IceSpirit.png poison.png TheLog.png inferno_tower.png

Card Roles:

  • Bandit - Support your Hog Rider with the Bandit. Her extra chip in damage will knock down the enemy's tower faster. Can also be handy against range units (e.g Musketeer, Archers, Dart Goblin).
  • Hog Rider - Your main tower destroyer. Support it with the cheap cards available. If possible, help the Hog Rider with the Bandit or the Electro Wizard.
  • Electro Wizard - Handy in both offense and defense. Will serve as the deck's defensive unit. He can be a big help in eliminating bulky units. Can also chip in a lot of damage to towers if left ignored.
  • Skeletons - Hog Rider's mini support. You can also use to lure incoming threats. Best use to cycle your strong cards quick.
  • Poison - Use to weaken or completely kill a bunch of troops at once. Effective in dealing with the Skeleton Army, Witch, etc. Can also serve as a spell support for your Hog Rider.
  • The Log - A spell to wipe out ground swarmers in an instant. If times are tough, cast the spell to slightly push a wave of troops.
  • Inferno Tower - the main defensive building for bulky units. Place it on your preferred spot for better performance.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to make an early advantage against the enemy. Having one of their towers weak will provide pressure all throughout the battle. You can try to attain this by making an early Hog Rider attack. You can try the Hog with Skellies and Ice Spirit mashup. Counter the enemy afterwards, use the abilities of the Bandit and the Electro Wizard as you cycle for the cards you need. Create a counter push and maintain your created pressure up to the last minute of the game.


If you have the Skeletons, Ice Spirit and the Hog Rider in your hands, you can cast them after collecting 8-9 elixirs. Through this, you can counter an incoming attack later on. Aside from this classic strategy, you can also pair the Hog Rider with the Bandit. We advised that you can try this once in the early part of the game. Knowing the enemy’s swarm cards (e.g Minion Horde or Skeleton Army, etc) will allow you to strategize when to use your trump cards. Having a good amount of elixir can also help you do a Poison Hog Rider combo. This might happen in the last minute of the game.

The Electro Wizard is also a good pair with the Hog Rider. However, this can be done after a counter push move. The EWiz only attacks two at a time. If he is distracted early, your elixir will only be put into waste. Once you learned the enemy’s cards, you can try to mix other combos with the Ice Spirit or Skeletons. Cycle your cards wisely.


In the most obvious way, you can kill a bulky/main unit through the Inferno Tower. But killing those types are not easy if teamed up with some annoying troops.

If fighting with the enemy’s main card (e.g with the Skeleton Army), drop the Electro Wizard in the center of the squad. This will quickly annihilate those in a flick. This is also possible in dealing with the Goblin Gang. Just make sure you have the Skeletons to support your live units. Using The Log is also fine. But if the enemy has the Princess or Goblin Barrel, saving this spell is a must.

Dealing with the Minion Horde will be tricky. If you have the Poison Spell, drop it to counter them. If not, use the Ice Spirit and Electro Wizard. If possible, let the horde come forward and drop the Ice Spirit where it can cover all of them. If successful, drop the EWiz directly to those troops to kill them. Turn this to a counter push with the Hog Rider.


If the enemy tries to stop you by using a defensive building, try to think of a workaround to deal with it. If they tend to plant it exclusively for your Hog Rider, pressure them with your other cards. You can still chip in some valuable damage even without using the Hog mainly.

The deck is stronger once the last minute strikes. Throwing a bunch of cards is possible as long as you know the enemy’s strategy. Once you smashed a tower down, defend your own towers religiously. Occasionally deploy the Hog Rider. This is not only for pressure, but for you to cycle your cards for a better defensive play.


Dealing with the Executioner or Bandit is the deck’s main trouble.

In our opinion, the deck might also be in trouble with a bunch of aerial troops. A workaround is provided in this featured deck, but it is not applicable at all times. The Elite Barbarians and/or the Valkyrie might also bring difficulty for this set of cards. Lack of splash units can also be a problem in dealing with some of the current popular decks today.

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This set of cards is recommended for players who are used to using cycle decks. If you are a Hog Rider enthusiast, we are pretty sure you reached your highest arena with him.

Tweaking the deck is also possible. Depending on your gameplay, changing some of the cards in this featured deck can be done.

Are you rooting for this deck, Chief?

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Last modified: 11, 09, 2017

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