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Electro Gravy Furnace For Arena 7 Above

Swarm. Burn. Zap. Repeat! One of the most successful decks in bagging trophies is now here. Here is our featured deck for the Knight Graveyard synergy along with the Furnace and the Electro Wizard.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 14,2017.
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Overview & Strength:

Swarm. Burn. Zap. Repeat! One of the most successful decks in bagging trophies is now here. Here is our featured deck for the Knight Graveyard synergy along with the Furnace and the Electro Wizard.

The deck is strong against Slow-Push, Swarm and Bait/Cycle Decks.

Electro Gravy Furnace For Arena 7 Above:

Knight Graveyard Furnace Electro Wizard
knight.png graveyard-card.png furnace.png ElectroWizardCard.png
Archers Skeletons Poison The Log
archers.png skeletons.png poison.png TheLog.png

Card Roles:

  • Knight - Main Tank. Deploy the Knight to defend your towers from ground threats. Create a strong counter-push with the Graveyard.
  • Graveyard - Tower Knocker. Cast this spell o--n top of your targeted tower. Support it with the Knight mainly.
  • Furnace - Swarm Stopper. Plant the Furnace in your lair and let the Fire Spirits annihilate air and ground swarmers. This card can also help you take down towers if left ignored.
  • Electro Wizard - Zap and Support. The Electro Wizard will be in charge of stopping bulky units and supporting your counter-pushes. Deploy the Archers or any other cards to help him out.
  • Archers - Air & Ground Support. Deploy the Archers to take down monsters for defensive purposes. You can also have them during offense.
  • Skeletons - Cheap Distraction. Drop the Skeletons to kite or distract threats. They can help you bring down some range units if you dropped it well. Can also help you cycle your other important cards during the battle.
  • Poison - Stinky Cleaner. Cast the Poison in helping your Graveyard to successfully swarm the Tower. The Poison will deal with cheap or low HP counters effectively.
  • The Log - Helps you push or sweep some low HP swarmers or counters in a flick.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to put pressure against the enemy through the Knight/Graveyard combo. You also need to have the Furnace to support your Knight in reaching the tower. Prepare the Poison Spell and cast it along with the Graveyard to annihilate pesky counters. Once you took the tower down, you can easily create tension in the opposite lane.


For offense, you can use the Knight and Graveyard combo. If you have extra elixir, you can stick with our ideal strategy for a stronger push. For cheap attacks, you can have the Knight with the Archers. Prepare and cast the Log to take down ground swarmers swiftly. You can also create a strong counter-push with the Electro Wizard and the Knight. For effortless pressure, plant the Furnace as much as possible to force the enemy to counter it. Most of the time, this will be the cause of wasting their elixirs or important cards they will need for their beatdown strategies.


Deploy the Knight while dealing with deadly threats such as the Elite Barbarians or the Mini PEKKA. If you have the Skeletons, place them down first to distract and absorb the first blows of these kinds of units. The Archers will help you out in dealing with air and ground units. Deploy them near the Crown Tower for effective support. You can deploy the Electro Wizard in this phase, too, for better defense. Let the Fire Spirits from the Furnace defeat junkies like the Minion Horde or Goblin Gang. It will also help you out in luring chunky units away from your towers. If times are tough, cast the Poison above a horde of incoming troops to tear their HP slowly. Have the Log ready in taking down the Goblin Barrel, Princess, and other low HP units.

Additional Tip:

If the enemy tries to make an expensive slow-push, create a counter-push quick with the Knight and the Graveyard on the opposite side. Through this, your enemy will have a low chance of supporting their live bulky unit. Prepare for counter-measures afterward.


The deck might face difficulty against Splashers or Aerial Decks. If this happens, place your units in different spots to avoid single direct damage. Always save or make sure to cycle the Electro Wizard and the Archers to defeat aerial units. The Furnace can also help you big time in luring units such as the Balloon or Lava Hound giving your units/towers some extra time to defeat them.


Learning this deck depends on how you use it regularly. In my opinion, if you are used in utilizing some Graveyard decks in the past, you can master this in no time. This synergy is fun and can almost deal with the popular set of cards today.

Play this deck while it is really effective today!

Good luck!

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Last modified: 22, 08, 2017

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