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Clash Royale Goblin Giant
The dragon that can shoot Zap that can bounce off to other units!
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Type Epic - Troop
Stats at Level 6 DMG (120 x 3), DPS (57 x 3), HP (625)
Technical Details Targets (Air & Ground), Hit Speed (2.1 sec), Speed (Medium), Range (3.5)
Other Details Spits out bolts of electricity hitting up to three targets. Suffers from middle child syndrome to boot.


The Electro Dragon is available in Arena 11 - Electro Valley. This dragon is one of the Electro Wizard's pets. It shoots a single "Zap" that can bounce to two nearby unit or building. Its HP is much lower than a Baby Dragon at tourney standards. But since it is a flying unit, it can target both air and ground.

Goblin Giant Stats:

Electro Dragon
Level 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Goblin Giant HP 625 687 756 831 912 1,000 1,100 1,206
Goblin Giant Damage 120 x3 132 x3 145 x3 159 x3 175 x3 192 x3 211 x3 231 x3
Goblin Giant DPS 57 x3 62 x3 69 x3 75 x3 83 x3 91 x3 100 x3 110 x3

Balance Updates:

  • Clash Royale introduced the Electro Dragon via a Youtube video on October 25, 2018.

How to Counter the Goblin Giant:

Please check our page How to Counter the Goblin Giant.


An Epic Card that costs 5-elixirs and unlockable in Arena - 11 Electro Valley. With the addition of the Electro Dragon, will this finally be the end of the Electro Wizard? Although, it can not attack two units at the same time, its single shot of Zap can bounce to two other units or buildings nearby. Its attack is almost similar to a Zap DMG.

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