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Electrifying PEKKA Miner Chip Best For Arena 11

Still looking for a great PEKKA deck that will support your multiple legendaries? Then this deck might be the one you are looking for!
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Make a strong counter pushes as you mixed and team-up your cards! This Electrifying P.E.K.K.A Miner Squad will be your enemy’s worst nightmare!

Here’s a deck shared to the Deckshop Pro recommended for upper arenas.


The deck is strong against Hog Rider cycle decks. It can also deal with bait and swarm types of decks if played well. The best part of this deck, is that users can cycle back the cards they need quicker than normal. This helps your team a lot in stiff situations.

Electrifying PEKKA Miner Chip Deck:

P.E.K.K.A Electro Wizard Miner Minions
PEKKA.png ElectroWizardCard.png miner.png minions.png
Skeletons The Log Poison Furnace
skeletons.png TheLog.png poison.png furnace.png

Card Roles:

  • PEKKA: Main unit of this deck. Strong but needs support frequently. Use the Electro Wizard and or other units to increase the chance of reaching her target.
  • Electro Wizard: Air and ground attacker. Your support unit in almost all situations in the battle. Can be deadly if paired with the Minions and Miner. Can chip-in fair damage against towers if left ignored.
  • Miner: Use to take down Elixir Collectors. Can also be handy in defeating splash/range support. Support the PEKKA and other units always.
  • Minions: Air and ground unit(s) attacker. You can use these air units in defeating bulky units, as well. Can be helpful in most of the situations.
  • Skeletons: Use to distract and lure counter troops. Can also be handy if you want to cycle your cards on hand.
  • Poison: Cast this spell to kill troops around your PEKKA. If planning for a cheap but effective push, use it together with the Miner and/or Electro Wizard/Minions. Can be useful if defeating bulky horde of troops. (e.g Barbarians, Three Musketeers).
  • Furnace: Provides further support in killing different counters. If level is high enough, it can effortlessly damage crown towers. Can also lure incoming troops as well.

Clash Royale Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to chip in damage over time using your low elixir units. With this set of cards, you can go for an aggressive attack or simply wait for the enemy’s move. Once you learn the deck your enemy is using, that will be the time

If plan to make an early launch, use the Miner to attack a tower. Test the waters. If the enemy drops a splasher, prepare for defense.

Wait until they drop a bulky unit before you plant the Furnace. Planting this defensive building quick without a big threat will be a waste. If they do so, place the Electro Wizard behind the Crown Tower. Make sure to place it on the opposite side of the Furnace. This will help you avoid an incoming spell. Try to break the main unit and the support’s target. If you are having a hard time doing this, wait for the splasher to lock its target to a tower/building. Drop the Minions or Skeletons to kill it first before focusing on killing the main threat. Collect elixir and prepare for a strong push afterwards.

After defending your towers, you can try to use the P.E.K.K.A for your slow push strategy. Make sure to have 9-10 elixir before dropping her down behind the King Tower. Prepare for support, as well as for defense. Usually, enemies will take this opportunity to attack your opposite tower. If they did, plant the Furnace in the middle part of your base. Let it lure the incoming bulky unit. Deploy the Miner to fight against a splasher behind. Before the PEKKA reaches the river, you can drop the Electro Wizard or the Minions behind her. Prepare your Poison Spell to kill bulky counters. If the enemy is running a Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang card in their deck, find a great timing to use The Log.

In the last minute of the game, you can try to mix the usage of your cards. Repeat the steps above. Depending on the enemy’s deck, using the PEKKA might be a bit tricky. Try to simulate an ongoing battle on your mind. Once you get the enemy’s strategy, playing your cards will be easier. Once you got a tower, defend your base up until the last second of the game. Try to deploy troops, attacking the remaining tower to distract the enemy if possible.


Threats like swarm decks and/or aerial decks might be a challenge to deal with. Though your Furnace and Poison can do their jobs well, enough elixir is in need. The Log can also be a help but cannot kill air units.

In addition, trouble might also come if your enemy has a lot of splash damagers. Sometimes, slow push decks tend to have two splash attackers. It will be a pain in the neck if ever you run into these kinds of deck in the arena.


Having three legendaries in the Legendary Arena is a common thing. The rare thing is using them effectively in a single deck.

The PEKKA is indeed a game changer. After the deploy time buff it received, players tend to use it often. Though you can try this deck starting Arena 7, we recommend this one for players in Arena 11. Knowing that before they reach this place, their cards' levels are high and competitive enough.

Special thanks to Deckshop Pro for this featured deck.

Last modified: 20, 03, 2017

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